Jump in Life!

Jump in Life! Do it!

What? You have bad days and a lot of problems? So what? There is something you can’t do?  I think no! Well…do it, breath good and go for it!

We are so stressed all the time, that the only thing we know to do is to be worry about million things and cry cry cry. We don’t have time, peace, long coffees and we cry cry cry. Every hour you have a plan and for everything, you think before. When some friend is calling you out, you say “Ohhh, let me see if I have time…”. But you have, you have lot of time! You have time for smiling, dancing, going away or just  for being lazy.  You have, just see it. Continue reading “Jump in Life!”


“Etichetam” oamenii?!

Suntem ciudati! sau nu!?

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Intalnesti un om nou, dai mana cu el/ea, te saluti sau feresti privirea, zambesti sau nu, schimbi vorbe interesante sau informatii fara nici un sens, ai fata crispata sau muschii tai sunt mai relaxati decat in timpul somnului. Esti ironic sau curat ca o coala alba scoasa din fabrica, vrei sa exagerezi sau esti exact ca Eva la atingerea pamantului… Continue reading ““Etichetam” oamenii?!”

Smart mirror…

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“She was walking mad around the house. They didn’t fight, but there was a tension between them, like a strong rejecting force. 

In her bad times she goes smoking and that keeps the madness down. So, after she run into the bedroom desk by mistake ( not feeling the pain), she makes big steps to the balcony to light up a cigarette, but in her way she saw her own image in the big mirror hanging on the wall. She stops! Continue reading “Smart mirror…”

One dance…

Can we dance? But first, do you know how to dance? Or, you can move your body on music sounds? You think you can slowly move your legs even there is no sound of music? Do you think you can do that in two?

But, how about our dance? ♥

1234 Continue reading “One dance…”

Please Forgive me!

These days come also…and they should come!

We do things, we say words, we write letters all day. We fight, we are mad and we say bad words, words that cut like a sharp knife. We do also things that make people around us sad, or crazy or to feel broken. We do all of it… Continue reading “Please Forgive me!”

You got me naked!?

Do you remember the last time you’ve been naked? Naked and pure, naked and strong, naked with no aim, just naked?

Do you remember the last person or the only person that makes you undress?  I hope you do, and I hope you get undress more then you think you can. Continue reading “You got me naked!?”

Leibster Nomination

I got a challenge early in the morning 🙂 This time I have to answer some questions that are not mine and write questions to people that have to answer me 🙂 Niceeee 😛

First of all thank you Word Exorcist  I am glad you nominated me 🙂

liebster award

Continue reading “Leibster Nomination”


Can I say something? Can I say that today, this Wednesday I feel alone .

Somewhere, somehow, I always been alone, we all are. I was not scared or bordered about that, because I had myself, I still have myself. But now, today, I feel lonely.

Alive iamioana Continue reading “Alone!?”

Culeg Timp!

Sa iubesti, iti trebuie timp. Sa fugi, iti trebuie timp. Sa muncesti, iti trebuie timp. Sa mergi in vacanta, sa dormi, sa te bucuri, sa razi, sa cazi, sa respiri, sa clipesti, sa mergi descult prin iarba, sa vorbesti, sa tot mai oameni…sa tot…iti trebuie timp. Timp, nu bani…timp! Si daca mori iti trebuie timp, macar o secunda. 😛 Continue reading “Culeg Timp!”

Feed the soul!

When I was just a little girl, I was dreaming to marry and have two boys till 27. I don’t know why and I don’t remember if I knew what 27 means. I didn’t think about having money or a big house and an expensive car, just two  boys (1 husband, 1 baby boy). Continue reading “Feed the soul!”