Monolog cu tâlc sau shit got real!

Here we go again…

Bună, ce mai faci? ce mai zici?

O să fac aici din tastatură un monolog, de ce? Pentru că vreau să stârnesc porții mari de dialog! Și sper  să reușesc. Nu să schimb vieți sau să te plesnesc peste față, dar măcar să îți ridic un semn de înrebare!

În ultimul timp ce se învârte în jurul meu pare rupt dintr-o telenovelă proastă și acră, în ciuda faptului că viața mea devine din ce în ce mai sigură și pare a avea o linie promițătoare. Și mai mult, pentru că …eu personal sunt bine, toate îmi par dubioase.

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Instagram-to follow. See the world through the camera.

I am image fan.

Words are so important for me but images are that something I want to see when I am reading. You know that time you read a story or an article or anything, and your brain starts to make a version in images to what the words says?


We are creating and we like to build stories in any way we can. And we do it even we want or not. Like this, every image we see and we like sends a beautiful message to our brain. With the image we get information, we get questions and we see more then colors and shapes.  Continue reading “Instagram-to follow. See the world through the camera.”

Q & A Challenge

Hi there my super bloggers 🙂

Today I was reading an article about how important it is to make a connection between you and your readers and how important is for them to know you.


True enough. So I’ve decided to get things done better. Better in all ways and also in this way. Because I know and I get some questions from you about me, I think this challenge is a good and productive way of discovering things about each other.  Continue reading “Q & A Challenge”

December ass and good vibes.

December ❤

The month of joy and sharing. It’s that time in the year when people are more happy and kind. It is cold and white everywhere and we all feel that spirit, Christmas spirit. And when I see a naked ass like this…oh so cute 🙂

Christmas vibes
The December ass

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Who are you?

Who are you? You, the one who is reading this words? Are you that type with big dark eyes? or just a lovely blue shade? Do you have scars on your hands, from childhood? Can you sleep alone in a big bed and wake up good? Where are your parents?

Do you feel alive and full of passion? Where is your half, when you need it? Can you imagine the perfect relationship, or a crazy one? What you drink when you go out or when you cry, why you cry? You look at the sky and smile? …e89ae68ea4ed14eaac912f4dbd050542

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Learn to be good. Blogging for beginners.

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Well well…Let’s start. PART 1

When I started to write, first time for not only me but also for people, I had a hard time with understanding how a site really works. It was not easy and I still learn everyday tips and things very useful.

about blogging
Pinterest cute

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Let’s Facebook!

Well well well…Facebook Facebook Facebook. 

This Social platform is making me connect. As a human I share some things with my friends on-line (sure as everyone), so I was thinking and I’ve decided to share my blog related posts and some thoughts on a Blog made page 🙂

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Ce e femeia?

Necunoscute mai sunt caile Domnului. 

Ca femeie…recunosc: Suntem multe, diferite si galagioase. Nu suntem facute in aceeasi oala, asa ca nici tu nu ne fierbe pe toate la foc mic. Facem papica, curat, muncim, aducem bani acasa, avem grija de copii, ne machiem pe fuga si purtam pantofi cu toc mai mare decat teancul vostru de CD-uri PS. Avem genti pline cu chestii in care ne pierdem si noi, farduri multe si sertare pline de chiloti cu dantela. Insa pentru voi nimic nu este destul! Continue reading “Ce e femeia?”