Escape in Istanbul.

I am back from Istanbul and I am full with good memories, not to talk about the positive vibes I get home with. We did a 7 days escape in Istanbul, ate the best food ever and walked more then I was thinking I can (I have little legs).

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Bărbații şi durerea.

De când mama m-a făcut, am tot cunoscut forme ale durerii (fizice). Când au început să îmi crească dinții, probabil, apoi când cădeam de 7 ori pe zi cu genunchii de asfalt, când mă muşca câte un cățel etc. Durere durere durere. Multă şi esențială 🙂

Mă durea ce-i drept şi probabil mult, dar nu plângeam mai mult de 5-6 secunde. Dehh… eram un copil călit, nebun şi orgolios. Nu puteam plânge în fața prietenilor mei, că deveneam subiect de mişto. woman and pain

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Promise I will…

Promises, we all do them. But how many of us keep them?

Maybe in your life you faced with bad people, good people, all kind of people, or just with yourself. Maybe I don’t know a thing about you, and probably I don’t. But I know for sure you did promise things and also you’ve been listening to promises.

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Clouds Hunter,

Clouds Hunter!

Look up! Look up to the clouds!...

So pure, so fluffy, so glamorous, so this and that also….:D

I have bad days (you have them also), I have times when I feel lost and empty, I have days when nothing is how it supposed to be, I have happy days, I have peaceful days…and a lot of other days. But every time I have to take a break, to breath in…breath out, the best way I can do that is: looking up! ♥ Continue reading “Clouds Hunter!”

Bitter sweet!

Can you read my lips when I am talking with you? Do I say the truth? Can you look into my eyes and take it? I am that person! I am the one you will leave and go, because you can’t do or be more. I am a “all in” person! I don’t leave feelings behind, I take them with me. Continue reading “Bitter sweet!”