Best of 2016!?

Uhhhh…2016, such a good Year for me 🙂

I was little bit confuse in the first months, all things having the same routine, mostly no changes or big things on plan. Easy but for sure I started to want more and more. In 2016 some special things happened to me. Some good ones and also some unexpected crazy of 2016 Continue reading “Best of 2016!?”

emotions, letter to Adam,

From EVA to ADAM…

“After all these years I still see you everywhere. We meet again and again. Our story is like a carousel that spins in time. I can see you in him…and him…You started to change, you started to care more, but sometimes I can see in you, a monster. Continue reading “From EVA to ADAM…”

Feed the soul!

When I was just a little girl, I was dreaming to marry and have two boys till 27. I don’t know why and I don’t remember if I knew what 27 means. I didn’t think about having money or a big house and an expensive car, just two  boys (1 husband, 1 baby boy). Continue reading “Feed the soul!”

I own a monster!?

I will tell you in this post about “my thing”. This  “my thing” has a name, a name i don’t pronounce good, but a name that gives me immediate smile. What is so special in this? Well I will say every fuckinggg thing!!! But let me be wise and say it the right way,with little words and more feelings… Continue reading “I own a monster!?”