Vreau să zbor şi să culeg flori în Madagascar!

Dacă vezi ceva greşit în titlu, nu am ce să-ți fac, asta îmi doresc eu acum 😛 Ca un copil răzgâiat şi cu pistrui, țip cât mâ țin plămânii că tare aş vrea să zbor!

Să zbor lin peste păduri şi ape, să nu gândesc şi să nu analizez. Să zbor aşa fără direcție şi fără regrete. Asta vreau, să zbor!


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A night in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam, a city with history, culture, freedom and good rules. Χ Χ Χ

google source, paint by Leonid Afremov

I always wanted to visit Amsterdam, all of my friends have this wish. Is a different “world” for us. So much freedom and so open mind civilization.  Well when I visited Amsterdam I’ve seen that and more.

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About Milan…

Ohhh…dear Milan ❤

I think the pizza is still controlling me, body&soul. But still I’ll write about this Italian city where fashion meets history.

I will start with the city streets. I’am a street addict. I love buildings: old, new, empty, stuffed with green things or glass made. But most of all I love old buildings, full of history and stories. I look and I think about people that lived there, time that passed over those bricks etc.

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Monday desert!

Again Monday! Again I know where you are!                                                 

“I know you are in that hot place where you feel your heart beating through your chest, I know… I know you are thirsty and all your skin is brown…and is not easy to find water. I know that you have nothing to make shadow for your tired body. I know you walk barefooted and the heat of the sand is killing you… Continue reading “Monday desert!”

Blogger Recognition Award…

Well, well…this week I had been nominated by Fernanda ♥ for this nice Award. Thank you dear and I am sorry to write about this a little late 🙂 blogger recognition award Continue reading “Blogger Recognition Award…”

Please Forgive me!

These days come also…and they should come!

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You got me naked!?

Do you remember the last time you’ve been naked? Naked and pure, naked and strong, naked with no aim, just naked?

Do you remember the last person or the only person that makes you undress?  I hope you do, and I hope you get undress more then you think you can. Continue reading “You got me naked!?”

Leibster Nomination

I got a challenge early in the morning 🙂 This time I have to answer some questions that are not mine and write questions to people that have to answer me 🙂 Niceeee 😛

First of all thank you Word Exorcist  I am glad you nominated me 🙂

liebster award

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Can I say something? Can I say that today, this Wednesday I feel alone .

Somewhere, somehow, I always been alone, we all are. I was not scared or bordered about that, because I had myself, I still have myself. But now, today, I feel lonely.

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