Airports have feelings

Inspired story*

”  There are millions of airports in this world, full of people, full of dreams, full of tears and full of joy. There are airports in this world, full of new beginnings, hope and hard decisions. 

This airports means so much for some people. This airport means so much to me!

I was there, with my big smile looking after that face that I love, loking how steps are taking away from me…that face. Smiling and with little steps of my own I fought to go out from this airport. I was walking, calm and somehow peacefull. I was sure in this airport I will come again running and smiling, waiting for that face.

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We rock it, 2017?

Ohhh there is a trend here about what we will do in 2017. Usually I am not that kind of person that makes long term plans. And because of that I will make a short term plan for the beginning of 2017.

I’ve started a new Notebook for everything, there’s a new era. I will write plans, goals and thoughts. All the things from below and more…Ja Ja arbeit!!! :))


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Promise I will…

Promises, we all do them. But how many of us keep them?

Maybe in your life you faced with bad people, good people, all kind of people, or just with yourself. Maybe I don’t know a thing about you, and probably I don’t. But I know for sure you did promise things and also you’ve been listening to promises.

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Today’s challenge via Daily Prompt: Confused

Fuck it! I am confuse. I am more then confused. I will invent a word for this feeling but I don’t have inspiration now.


In life, in some days…you feel like a doll. Made by plastic and always with blond hair. You can’t bend your knees and change your clothes. Bitches make it all wrong and you are powerless. Yep…blond hair! Continue reading “Confused…”

Feed the soul!

When I was just a little girl, I was dreaming to marry and have two boys till 27. I don’t know why and I don’t remember if I knew what 27 means. I didn’t think about having money or a big house and an expensive car, just two  boys (1 husband, 1 baby boy). Continue reading “Feed the soul!”

About “the dream”

 My challenge this Wednesday #WeeklyWednesdayPrompt,  

“Dream – Write something inspired by a recent dream you had… good, funny or a scary dream… just write.”

Somehow this is really a challenge for me, because I usually don’t  dream (or don’t remember). I do it rare and is a bit fearful I can say. My 99 % dreams are so deep and when I open my eyes I think they were real. My skin is all bumps, I am feeling could and threaten. Continue reading “About “the dream””