December ass and good vibes.

December ❤

The month of joy and sharing. It’s that time in the year when people are more happy and kind. It is cold and white everywhere and we all feel that spirit, Christmas spirit. And when I see a naked ass like this…oh so cute 🙂

Christmas vibes
The December ass

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A night in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam, a city with history, culture, freedom and good rules. Χ Χ Χ

google source, paint by Leonid Afremov

I always wanted to visit Amsterdam, all of my friends have this wish. Is a different “world” for us. So much freedom and so open mind civilization.  Well when I visited Amsterdam I’ve seen that and more.

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Jump in Life!

Jump in Life! Do it!

What? You have bad days and a lot of problems? So what? There is something you can’t do?  I think no! Well…do it, breath good and go for it!

We are so stressed all the time, that the only thing we know to do is to be worry about million things and cry cry cry. We don’t have time, peace, long coffees and we cry cry cry. Every hour you have a plan and for everything, you think before. When some friend is calling you out, you say “Ohhh, let me see if I have time…”. But you have, you have lot of time! You have time for smiling, dancing, going away or just  for being lazy.  You have, just see it. Continue reading “Jump in Life!”

Ticket to Turkey-Part #1

Ohhh ohhh…  my friends, I am sorry for missing some days, but I was busy in a piece  of Haven. The name of it is Turkey…more specific: Antalya ❤

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Coffee ME!

coffee love

Well, dear coffee… 

Your taste is like clouds in a cup and the break you give me is timeless. I owe you so much. Drinking you I had good vibes and holding a mug of you I had nice mornings. ❤ Continue reading “Coffee ME!”

bitch don't kill my vibe

Nesimțirea, cea mai seacă boală!

Post in Romanian ♥  I am sorry… for English readers, I will make it up to you 🙂 

Îmi amintesc eu, acum mulți ani, când eram un ghemotoc nervos şi tuns scurt, ce reacție am avut atunci când o fată mai mare de pe terenul de fotbal m-a făcut nesimțită. Ce reacție am avut…Am rămas cu gura căscată şi m-am enervat foarte tare, fiind prima dată când am auzit asta spunându-se despre persoana mea. Nu am mai vorbit cu fata aia mulți ani după.

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About Milan…

Ohhh…dear Milan ❤

I think the pizza is still controlling me, body&soul. But still I’ll write about this Italian city where fashion meets history.

I will start with the city streets. I’am a street addict. I love buildings: old, new, empty, stuffed with green things or glass made. But most of all I love old buildings, full of history and stories. I look and I think about people that lived there, time that passed over those bricks etc.

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Bitter sweet!

Can you read my lips when I am talking with you? Do I say the truth? Can you look into my eyes and take it? I am that person! I am the one you will leave and go, because you can’t do or be more. I am a “all in” person! I don’t leave feelings behind, I take them with me. Continue reading “Bitter sweet!”