Azi lucrez doar pe zâmbete și stele și mă doare-n *** că-mi sună telefonul!

N’am mai scris de ceva vreme. N’am mai stat sa pun pe foaie nimic, nici macar trei gânduri. Nu pentru că nu mi-aș fi dorit, ci pentru că…nu am avut timp.

Nu m-am gândit că la 27 de ani (fuck it) o să cerșesc timp și o să-mi văd prietenii programat. Și culmea, nu sunt singura! Iar azi, mă gândeam dacă e corect sau nu să alerg, dacă vreau și nu dacă pot! Continue reading “Azi lucrez doar pe zâmbete și stele și mă doare-n *** că-mi sună telefonul!”


Best of 2016!?

Uhhhh…2016, such a good Year for me 🙂

I was little bit confuse in the first months, all things having the same routine, mostly no changes or big things on plan. Easy but for sure I started to want more and more. In 2016 some special things happened to me. Some good ones and also some unexpected crazy of 2016 Continue reading “Best of 2016!?”

Who are you?

Who are you? You, the one who is reading this words? Are you that type with big dark eyes? or just a lovely blue shade? Do you have scars on your hands, from childhood? Can you sleep alone in a big bed and wake up good? Where are your parents?

Do you feel alive and full of passion? Where is your half, when you need it? Can you imagine the perfect relationship, or a crazy one? What you drink when you go out or when you cry, why you cry? You look at the sky and smile? …e89ae68ea4ed14eaac912f4dbd050542

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What’s the color of your soul?

The other days I was watching a TV show, where some people make other people happy (long story, short). Well…in this show some people are making houses for people that can’t afford one. So when the person helped was asked “which color do you like for your house?”…the answer was…”the color of your souls!”. ❤

For me this was a click. And it was a very nice line to hear.

Physically the soul id not existing. Scientifically they still fight about this subject. But how about emotional? Emotional…my soul has color? or it does have shape?

Perfect colors ❤

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Ce e femeia?

Necunoscute mai sunt caile Domnului. 

Ca femeie…recunosc: Suntem multe, diferite si galagioase. Nu suntem facute in aceeasi oala, asa ca nici tu nu ne fierbe pe toate la foc mic. Facem papica, curat, muncim, aducem bani acasa, avem grija de copii, ne machiem pe fuga si purtam pantofi cu toc mai mare decat teancul vostru de CD-uri PS. Avem genti pline cu chestii in care ne pierdem si noi, farduri multe si sertare pline de chiloti cu dantela. Insa pentru voi nimic nu este destul! Continue reading “Ce e femeia?”

About “the dream”

 My challenge this Wednesday #WeeklyWednesdayPrompt,  

“Dream – Write something inspired by a recent dream you had… good, funny or a scary dream… just write.”

Somehow this is really a challenge for me, because I usually don’t  dream (or don’t remember). I do it rare and is a bit fearful I can say. My 99 % dreams are so deep and when I open my eyes I think they were real. My skin is all bumps, I am feeling could and threaten. Continue reading “About “the dream””