5 Yoga Poses for Stress relief

Hello hello dear readers and Yoga fans 🙂

So, I was not so active lately on my blog, my apologiessss; and to wash my sins I will try to show you some ways that can help you end up a stressful day as you supposed to…. in peace. And how you can do this in a nice way? without going farrrr away from the city and your problems, and without spending any money? Yogaaaa babes, yoga is the answer!

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5 Tricks for bloggers

Well well well. ❤

My dear friends, readers and writers as I am (little). As we are a very strange community, dreaming and writing, crying and writing, writing for every feeling that we have, today I will share with you some tricks I’ve learned this year, as I start writing here.tricks about blogging
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Learn to be good. Blogging for beginners.

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Well well…Let’s start. PART 1

When I started to write, first time for not only me but also for people, I had a hard time with understanding how a site really works. It was not easy and I still learn everyday tips and things very useful.

about blogging
Pinterest cute

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5 ways to pass the Blogging blank page :)

Do you know that weird feeling of blank page? I think we all do. That moment in a period of time when you are really empty of ideas. ♥

For those moments we try to find inspiration in every thing we see. We try to make connections between one small thing to another. Today I try to help you…the Blank page blogger 🙂

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Culeg Timp!

Sa iubesti, iti trebuie timp. Sa fugi, iti trebuie timp. Sa muncesti, iti trebuie timp. Sa mergi in vacanta, sa dormi, sa te bucuri, sa razi, sa cazi, sa respiri, sa clipesti, sa mergi descult prin iarba, sa vorbesti, sa tot mai oameni…sa tot…iti trebuie timp. Timp, nu bani…timp! Si daca mori iti trebuie timp, macar o secunda. 😛 Continue reading “Culeg Timp!”

About “the dream”

 My challenge this Wednesday #WeeklyWednesdayPrompt,  

“Dream – Write something inspired by a recent dream you had… good, funny or a scary dream… just write.”

Somehow this is really a challenge for me, because I usually don’t  dream (or don’t remember). I do it rare and is a bit fearful I can say. My 99 % dreams are so deep and when I open my eyes I think they were real. My skin is all bumps, I am feeling could and threaten. Continue reading “About “the dream””

Images with feelings!

I always put on paper or blank pages words with emotions. Today I will put on this blank page, images that I found on the internet with woman portrait all over the world.

From the facial expression I will try to write the kind of feeling they pass to me. You are welcome to write different opinions on pictures. Continue reading “Images with feelings!”

Cine m-a facut om mare?

RO: Exact cum spune songu’: “Cine m-a facut om mare? Nu m-a intrebat…”

Vreau sa stiu DE CE? DE CE sunt om mare? Poate nu vreau, chiar nu vreau! Serios acum stiu ca nu poti pune pauza in viata si sa traiesti la infinit unele perioade, dar cum fac sa ma duc putin putin inapoi? Continue reading “Cine m-a facut om mare?”