Mystery blogger award

mystery blogger award

Last week I was informed by Lenny that she appreciates my work, and using nice words she show that. Well Lenny thank you so much and I am glad to meet a blogger like you. I follow her by posts and other platforms, she is involved and that is attracting me so much. You can follow her with trust. Continue reading “Mystery blogger award”


Find a way

be strong

As big and weird living creatures, we are tormenting not because we like it, but also because of different situations.

But why? I really don’t know. Continue reading “Find a way”

December ass and good vibes.

December ❤

The month of joy and sharing. It’s that time in the year when people are more happy and kind. It is cold and white everywhere and we all feel that spirit, Christmas spirit. And when I see a naked ass like this…oh so cute 🙂

Christmas vibes
The December ass

Continue reading “December ass and good vibes.”

We are memories.

Me, this me what writes, is build from memories. I was thinking about this, if is good what I say here. It is. All our choices, our experiences and so on…are building something in us, building the ME we know now. All of these are later, even with a second, memories.

So yes, you also, you are build from memories.memories Continue reading “We are memories.”

Make someone smile with ShoeBox. Participa si tu. - Cadoul din cutia de pantofi. Participă şi tu!

RO: E luna darurilor si a sufletelor curate. E luna in care facem cadouri din inima si zambim mai des. Poate tu te bucuri de toate cadourile din lume, poate tu pui sub brad multe dulciuri si cutii frumos impachetate, dar sunt copii, sunt ingerasi la care mosul ajunge foarte greu sau deloc. Continue reading “Make someone smile with ShoeBox. Participa si tu.”

I support you!

Hi there,

You, that reads my words and give so much good vibes to me. You are important to me. When you give feedback to me, when you send messages to me, when you help me in what I want to do, you make me feel appreciated.  ❤

I hope you feel also appreciated and you know you do good what you do and still can learn a lot of things. So, today I’ve decided: I will help support Continue reading “I support you!”

Who are you?

Who are you? You, the one who is reading this words? Are you that type with big dark eyes? or just a lovely blue shade? Do you have scars on your hands, from childhood? Can you sleep alone in a big bed and wake up good? Where are your parents?

Do you feel alive and full of passion? Where is your half, when you need it? Can you imagine the perfect relationship, or a crazy one? What you drink when you go out or when you cry, why you cry? You look at the sky and smile? …e89ae68ea4ed14eaac912f4dbd050542

Continue reading “Who are you?”

Culeg Timp!

Sa iubesti, iti trebuie timp. Sa fugi, iti trebuie timp. Sa muncesti, iti trebuie timp. Sa mergi in vacanta, sa dormi, sa te bucuri, sa razi, sa cazi, sa respiri, sa clipesti, sa mergi descult prin iarba, sa vorbesti, sa tot mai oameni…sa tot…iti trebuie timp. Timp, nu bani…timp! Si daca mori iti trebuie timp, macar o secunda. 😛 Continue reading “Culeg Timp!”

Cine m-a facut om mare?

RO: Exact cum spune songu’: “Cine m-a facut om mare? Nu m-a intrebat…”

Vreau sa stiu DE CE? DE CE sunt om mare? Poate nu vreau, chiar nu vreau! Serios acum stiu ca nu poti pune pauza in viata si sa traiesti la infinit unele perioade, dar cum fac sa ma duc putin putin inapoi? Continue reading “Cine m-a facut om mare?”