Praga -o minunăție de oraș

Dacă anul trecut am avut cel mai “călător an” de până acum, anul acesta îmi doresc să  văd niște locuri faine, ce nu au fost încă bifate pe harta mea.

Și cum în ziua de Revelion am avut ultimul zbor pe 2017, mă gândeam eu că Doamne Doamne are planuri faine și în 2018 pentru mine. Am început cu Olanda (desigur) și în Aprilie când au început să înflorească pomii, am descoperit că o vizită în Cehia fusese programată.

Eu sar în sus de fericire când îmi folosesc pașaportul și mă bucur ca un copil când mă urc în avion. Așa că, hop țop după o vacanță a venit alta și am aterizat pișăciosă la Praga.

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Girls getaway in Berlin

Hi hi dear internet friends and travel lovers.

Today we will travel together to Berlin-Germany, a city that deserves for sure one weekend from your side. That’s what we have done also, me and my two girl friends Ana and Adriana…gave one full weekend from our lives to Berlin and we did good 😛

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Escape in Istanbul.

I am back from Istanbul and I am full with good memories, not to talk about the positive vibes I get home with. We did a 7 days escape in Istanbul, ate the best food ever and walked more then I was thinking I can (I have little legs).

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Spring in Amsterdam!

Hi there you guys 🙂

In this article we will talk about Amsterdam.*not we, ME. I have this weird thing, making from singular, plural. It is a thing you do also? Hmmm

Moving on. AMSTERDAM! This beautiful city, this place where old combines with new. Where freedom is so clear and rules are so visible. First of all Amsterdam is a city everyone wants to see. We all want to be there, to see the old buildings, to walk on that streets, to see the “girls” on the Red Light District and for sure smoke weed 🙂

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Crazy day in Namur.

A time ago, we have planed a road trip from Belgium to Amsterdam. As said, I packed up my things and in a Friday evening, more night, I landed on Charleroi. And how the plan made home is not the same with the one you deal in the out-side world, when I get out from the airport….surpriseeeee, my boyfriend is nowhere.

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A night in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam, a city with history, culture, freedom and good rules. Χ Χ Χ

google source, paint by Leonid Afremov

I always wanted to visit Amsterdam, all of my friends have this wish. Is a different “world” for us. So much freedom and so open mind civilization.  Well when I visited Amsterdam I’ve seen that and more.

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Ticket to Turkey- Part #2

In the first article about our trip to Turkey I was more talking about places to see or visit, in this one I will talk about feelings.

When it comes about feeling we are all sensitive. No matter how strong, stubborn or confident we are, feelings are guiding us in most situations.

In this trip I was going also for my heart, with my heart, not only to visit, but to see. Things got even better there, where the daily stress was off and the distance was smaller. Only 10cm away from each other, the maximum distance allowed between two people that feel things for each other.

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Ticket to Turkey-Part #1

Ohhh ohhh…  my friends, I am sorry for missing some days, but I was busy in a piece  of Haven. The name of it is Turkey…more specific: Antalya ❤

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Ticket in Romania…#1

If you read something about Romania, you sure know that this one…it is a green country. If you didn’t read, you should 🙂 maybe it will wake up in you a desire to go…

It is my country where I live and where I was born. I also see the bad parts…but here is not the place for that. Dracula’s country is full of beauty and history, it is a place where people have strong hearts and big souls…

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About Milan…

Ohhh…dear Milan ❤

I think the pizza is still controlling me, body&soul. But still I’ll write about this Italian city where fashion meets history.

I will start with the city streets. I’am a street addict. I love buildings: old, new, empty, stuffed with green things or glass made. But most of all I love old buildings, full of history and stories. I look and I think about people that lived there, time that passed over those bricks etc.

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