We fight for our rights!

Hi friends !

This days in Romania we fight for our rights, we fight for transparency, for respect as citizens. We fight for our country and we do it with all we have: US!

We are  together and that is all that matters 🙂

You will understand more than enough in this video. I am happy to be part of it and I am full of emotions everytime I watch this video. “Together we will save Romania!”  

With love,



Airports have feelings

Inspired story*

”  There are millions of airports in this world, full of people, full of dreams, full of tears and full of joy. There are airports in this world, full of new beginnings, hope and hard decisions. 

This airports means so much for some people. This airport means so much to me!

I was there, with my big smile looking after that face that I love, loking how steps are taking away from me…that face. Smiling and with little steps of my own I fought to go out from this airport. I was walking, calm and somehow peacefull. I was sure in this airport I will come again running and smiling, waiting for that face.

google source

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December ass and good vibes.

December ❤

The month of joy and sharing. It’s that time in the year when people are more happy and kind. It is cold and white everywhere and we all feel that spirit, Christmas spirit. And when I see a naked ass like this…oh so cute 🙂

Christmas vibes
The December ass

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We are memories.

Me, this me what writes, is build from memories. I was thinking about this, if is good what I say here. It is. All our choices, our experiences and so on…are building something in us, building the ME we know now. All of these are later, even with a second, memories.

So yes, you also, you are build from memories.memories Continue reading “We are memories.”

Make someone smile with ShoeBox. Participa si tu.

ShoeBox.ro - Cadoul din cutia de pantofi. Participă şi tu!

RO: E luna darurilor si a sufletelor curate. E luna in care facem cadouri din inima si zambim mai des. Poate tu te bucuri de toate cadourile din lume, poate tu pui sub brad multe dulciuri si cutii frumos impachetate, dar sunt copii, sunt ingerasi la care mosul ajunge foarte greu sau deloc. Continue reading “Make someone smile with ShoeBox. Participa si tu.”

“Etichetam” oamenii?!

Suntem ciudati! sau nu!?

Life quotes

Intalnesti un om nou, dai mana cu el/ea, te saluti sau feresti privirea, zambesti sau nu, schimbi vorbe interesante sau informatii fara nici un sens, ai fata crispata sau muschii tai sunt mai relaxati decat in timpul somnului. Esti ironic sau curat ca o coala alba scoasa din fabrica, vrei sa exagerezi sau esti exact ca Eva la atingerea pamantului… Continue reading ““Etichetam” oamenii?!”

bitch don't kill my vibe

Nesimțirea, cea mai seacă boală!

Post in Romanian ♥  I am sorry… for English readers, I will make it up to you 🙂 

Îmi amintesc eu, acum mulți ani, când eram un ghemotoc nervos şi tuns scurt, ce reacție am avut atunci când o fată mai mare de pe terenul de fotbal m-a făcut nesimțită. Ce reacție am avut…Am rămas cu gura căscată şi m-am enervat foarte tare, fiind prima dată când am auzit asta spunându-se despre persoana mea. Nu am mai vorbit cu fata aia mulți ani după.

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emotions, letter to Adam,

From EVA to ADAM…

“After all these years I still see you everywhere. We meet again and again. Our story is like a carousel that spins in time. I can see you in him…and him…You started to change, you started to care more, but sometimes I can see in you, a monster. Continue reading “From EVA to ADAM…”

Not this Emotions!

My blog as you know and see is about Emotions…Life with Emotions!
I like to search for photos where you can see emotions and you don’t have to use words to describe the feelings. I always say that every emotion is good…because you feel! But today I searched for emotions photography-love, and this was through the first pictures I saw:emotions

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Images with feelings!

I always put on paper or blank pages words with emotions. Today I will put on this blank page, images that I found on the internet with woman portrait all over the world.

From the facial expression I will try to write the kind of feeling they pass to me. You are welcome to write different opinions on pictures. Continue reading “Images with feelings!”