Spring in Amsterdam!

Hi there you guys 🙂

In this article we will talk about Amsterdam.*not we, ME. I have this weird thing, making from singular, plural. It is a thing you do also? Hmmm

Moving on. AMSTERDAM! This beautiful city, this place where old combines with new. Where freedom is so clear and rules are so visible. First of all Amsterdam is a city everyone wants to see. We all want to be there, to see the old buildings, to walk on that streets, to see the “girls” on the Red Light District and for sure smoke weed 🙂

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Crazy day in Namur.

A time ago, we have planed a road trip from Belgium to Amsterdam. As said, I packed up my things and in a Friday evening, more night, I landed on Charleroi. And how the plan made home is not the same with the one you deal in the out-side world, when I get out from the airport….surpriseeeee, my boyfriend is nowhere.

I look at my phone “my car is broken 30 min away from you, on the highwayyyy :(“. Fuck it! He is making a bad joke – I was thinking. But it was so true :)) Continue reading “Crazy day in Namur.”

La silicoane inainte!

RO: A fi sau a nu fi siliconata…asta-i intrebarea!?

Silicon- Compus macromolecular cu structură analoagă corpurilor organice, în stare fluidă sau sub formă de rășini, alcătuit din lanțuri sau cicluri de atomi de siliciu care alternează regulat cu atomi de oxigen. – Din fr. silicone. 

Well pe ici colo se intelege subiectul de azi si partea ironica a redactarii. Ca sa nu par hater sau mai stiu eu ce frustrata, o sa pornesc prin a spune ca sunt pro, in cazurile in care injectarea, plasarea, modelarea si finisajul sunt necesare. Nu judec sau cataloghez aiurea in tramvai persoanele cu o nevoie aparte de silicon.

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Guest post ON!

Hi there my digital friends 🙂

Ye ye I know I didn’t been so much on the blog lately, but I can explaint it. Well …if I think good, I will answer like: I didn’t had time…bla bla, and you will say: for the things you like you make time…bla bla. So we will move on with: sorry, I didn’t write on the blog lately 🙂

I was thinking the other days, about my blog. I was thinking like his my child and he is alone and I don’t do anything for him 😦 Bad mom, I am. So I will manage this somehow and I will be a better mom. I know it sounds weird, but for sure my blogger friends will understand me :)) What about your babies? They are good taken care of?

Pam pam…

guotes about feelings
I like this line

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What men should not wear…never!

Woman, a species very hard to understand and love. But not impossible! 😛

So, if you want to get a good score in a woman eyes you can start with easy things, like clothes and common sense. I don’t know about the last one, because I have to make a huge article, but I can say something about the first one.

Is easy and it will save you from bad situations that you don’t want to have…never!

Here we go, males 🙂 Continue reading “What men should not wear…never!”

Art as a nameless gallery!

Leslie Edwards.

I am not a art person, to have lots of information about details and techniques, but I know what I see. So if I like what I see, when I see it, that’s it…we have a crush ❤

leslie edwards

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Sunt român!

Zilele astea ţara noastră dragă a fost toată o luptă. O luptă de care sunt mândră de îmi fuge sângele prin vâne nervos şi plin de forţă. O luptă dusă de oameni cu oameni, o luptă dusă de oameni cu indivizi fară scrupule.

Toţi avem aceleași drepturi, trăim în aceeaşi ţară, dar respirăm aer diferit! Parlamentarul corupt şi plin de averi din banii parinţilor tăi, din banii mei şi din nervii bunicii mele, nu au aceleaşi drepturi şi obligaţii cu mine, un număr, un vot, o bucată de carne în faţa lor.  Ei vor putere, când au mai multă decât merită, vor cai când noi ne chinuim măgarul. Aceşti nesimţiţi care nu au nici un fel de reacţie la toată revolta formată în inimile oamenilor, aceşti impostori care nu respectă legea, nu dau doi bani pe noi, pe noi…ştampilă pe o foaie mâzgâlită. Continue reading “Sunt român!”

We fight for our rights!

Hi friends !

This days in Romania we fight for our rights, we fight for transparency, for respect as citizens. We fight for our country and we do it with all we have: US!

We are  together and that is all that matters 🙂

You will understand more than enough in this video. I am happy to be part of it and I am full of emotions everytime I watch this video. “Together we will save Romania!”  

With love,


Airports have feelings

Inspired story*

”  There are millions of airports in this world, full of people, full of dreams, full of tears and full of joy. There are airports in this world, full of new beginnings, hope and hard decisions. 

This airports means so much for some people. This airport means so much to me!

I was there, with my big smile looking after that face that I love, loking how steps are taking away from me…that face. Smiling and with little steps of my own I fought to go out from this airport. I was walking, calm and somehow peacefull. I was sure in this airport I will come again running and smiling, waiting for that face.

google source

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Instagram-to follow. See the world through the camera.

I am image fan.

Words are so important for me but images are that something I want to see when I am reading. You know that time you read a story or an article or anything, and your brain starts to make a version in images to what the words says?


We are creating and we like to build stories in any way we can. And we do it even we want or not. Like this, every image we see and we like sends a beautiful message to our brain. With the image we get information, we get questions and we see more then colors and shapes.  Continue reading “Instagram-to follow. See the world through the camera.”