RO:iamioana…scriu din drag cu drag si de cele mai multe ori cu zambetul pe fata 🙂

Ioana din spatele tastaturii, lumii virtuale este o fata simpla, cu bune si rele, cu miere si venin. Eu am creat aceasta pagina fara un scop anume, dar stiu ca daca tu citesti aceste randuri…poate scopul meu are o radacina. Pentru cei care ma cunosc, mai mult sau mai putin: dragii mei stiti ca sunt un om cu vorbele la el (sa nu uitam de glume si raspunsuri seci). Pentru cei care nu ma cunosc, eu sunt Ioana si o sa ne cunoastem prin cuvinte, prin emotie. Imi pare bine sa te cunosc, prieten, amic sau strain. Imi pare bine ca ma descopar si eu odata cu ”intalnirile” noastre. Am de invatat multe, ai de invatat multe. Ne luam de mana si plecam la drum. Eu merg cu emotie…tu?

EN:iamioana...I write from love with love and mostly smiling 🙂

Ioana from the back of the keyboard and virtual world is just a girl, with good and bad, with honey and venom. I’ve created this page without a special purpose, but I know if you read this words maybe there is  one. For those who know me, more ore less: you know I am a ‘word person'(with nice and bad jokes when needed). For those who don’t know me: Hi, I am Ioana and is nice to meet you, we will know each other better by words, by emotion. So, friend, acquaintance, stranger, I am glad to discover  myself as I discover  you…by every “date ” we have. I have many things to learn, you have many things to learn. What you say? We get our hands together and go on this road? I walk with emotion…you?

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Made in ROMANIA ❤

With love,





54 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. I have looked through your site a little bit, and I like what I have read so far! You have so much emotion and personality in your writing and I admire that.
    I look forward to reading more, so I’ll be back!

    -Mykul Mitch


  2. Words do have meaning, and yes, all too often way to much emotion. Without emotion however, words fall flat, and probably lots less interesting. We are so gifted with expression. It would be a shame to let this gift that only humans have be unspoken. Yes too, do we all have a lot to learn, and thankfully lots of humans to teach us, preach us, move us, disgust us, love us, hear us, fear us, and connect with us. Blessing or curse, it is what it is, and cool, right?!


    1. Yes, life is really about emotions. And with words we can give emotions to people around and positive vibes. And yes…the ones who know to “speak”, write…are blessed! Thank you dear Jen :* @sparkyjen

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  4. Thank you Ioana for visiting me and leading me here 🙂 You write with emotion straight from the heart and it is a pleasure to read. Keep up the great work! 🙂


  5. Aena Zoraya

    Hello Ioana! I’m Aena Zoraya, a fellow blogger like yourself. Seeing your blog with a growing community of readers and increasing readership, I would really appreciate any comments or suggestions from you.

    My blog, Word Exorcist, will be one-month old with only 13 posts. Most of my posts are one-word prompts or photo challenges from The Daily Post blogger’s community.

    In line with this, I am planning a project on publishing a series of blog articles. Seeing that you are currently following my blog, I want to know what kind of content you would like to see or prefer? Do you have any suggestions or anything you would like to share that made you click the follow button? Thank you so much for giving me a chance to share with you the inner workings of my mind.

    For the love of writing,
    Aena Zoraya


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  6. Dear Aena,
    Thank you for the nice words and for following my blog posts. Aldo you are also a young blogger does not mean you are little. Most of the blog I follow are young ones, I do this because I think I find also passion in their words like I pun in mine. I have seen that your wriing is good and you work with feeling as I am. But I don’t know if one-word prompts is the way. Yes they help, and they are soooo good in bad times but don’t use them tooo much 🙂 You will get addicted to them. I know you can write about a lot of things (I read your articles) and you have that something 😛 You just need to follow the writer vibe you have in you. I will read in future also what you will write and give feedback with plasure. You are on the good way… just be perssistent 😀
    Kisess and good luck dear.
    With love,


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  10. Hey Ioana,
    Thanks for visiting my humble blog and liking my posts. Apologies it has taken me a while to visit yours. I particularly like your last line – “I walk with emotion, you?” I keenly await your future posts and look forward to sharing the WP journey with you! ☺️


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