Spring in Amsterdam!

Hi there you guys 🙂

In this article we will talk about Amsterdam.*not we, ME. I have this weird thing, making from singular, plural. It is a thing you do also? Hmmm

Moving on. AMSTERDAM! This beautiful city, this place where old combines with new. Where freedom is so clear and rules are so visible. First of all Amsterdam is a city everyone wants to see. We all want to be there, to see the old buildings, to walk on that streets, to see the “girls” on the Red Light District and for sure smoke weed 🙂

amsterdam bike

But beside all the popularity that Amsterdam has, it is really a great city. Bikes everywhere, roads for bikes everywhere, people with the “culture of biking” in their blood. You can see the relax mode on the people’s face. You can see the diversity this city has (I really think only 50-60% of the people living there are dutch) while you walk on the streets.

I was really happy in Amsterdam. I had everything. A beautiful city, a million tourists around me, the smell of weed everywhere (and I am not someone who smokes…weed I mean), nice weather (for those days), my person next to me, the peace in my soul. I was really happy in Amsterdam!

What you can to do in Amsterdam? Well a lot of things….so much things, but I’ll limit my words to some of them. This are “must to” points…of Amsterdam:

  1. Boat tour. Yes yes yes…you will see a lot of things an the guide will learn you some history about Amsterdam babe. On the right side you can see the house of… on the left it was the amazing place where…..lived. Ohhh Mr. guide will make you feel like a happy kid. Ohh ohhh you will see the canal houses 🙂 OMG houses on water. I hate the people living there…really I do!
  2. Secondddd Red Light District 🙂 Make more then a visit, make two or three, in your city for sure you don’t see naked womans on the window. And go to a striptease show…or a live show (you know what I mean?)
  3. Pam pam…weed day. Even if you are not a smoker do it. Is Amsterdam…is legal, is the right place to do it, so do it! You will be crazy and you will feel more free than usual.
  4. Eat fries and pancakes and waffles with lots of Nutela. Yes yes do it! This fries places you will see all over. Is something very dutch, they eat fries on the street like a snack.
  5. Go to all the expensive shops maybe you buy a Prada, see the tulips market and ride a scooter. You can discover some cool things only by walking around…trust me.

My Instragram…for more pics ❤

Well I get so excited about Amsterdam that I want to write about everything. But is not the case…you will go there (if you did not till now) and all this words that you will read here will make no sense then. So I will stop with point 5 and I will continue with them when I will have my next trip thereeee 🙂 BTW you can see my last trip there…here

Till next time, or next visit…my article will stop here. So tell me: did you’ve been in XXX? How was it for you?

With love,





4 thoughts on “Spring in Amsterdam!

  1. Haha, se pare ca tu ai ai bifat unul dintre orasele care e pe lista celor 5 destinatii pe care mi-am propus sa le vizitez in viitorul apropiat. 😀 Cam zagarcita cu pozele ai fost de data asta. :))


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