Crazy day in Namur.

A time ago, we have planed a road trip from Belgium to Amsterdam. As said, I packed up my things and in a Friday evening, more night, I landed on Charleroi. And how the plan made home is not the same with the one you deal in the out-side world, when I get out from the airport….surpriseeeee, my boyfriend is nowhere.

I look at my phone “my car is broken 30 min away from you, on the highwayyyy :(“. Fuck it! He is making a bad joke – I was thinking. But it was so true :))

After some time and some things solved (I have a smart ass man), I see him searching for me with his eyes. I was dying for my familiar hug.

The taxi left us in a city called Namur. First time I heard about it 🙂 We find a hotel, with only one room available, too expensive and cold as fuck inside, but our only chance. A worldwide hotel that I hate and I will never stay again in their rooms. HHHuuuuu ∅

In morning, till the insurance company brought us a car, we had time to see the city, walk on the small streets and discover a city that we maybe never think about it to visit.

Namur, is a small and clean city. It has old buildings that I love so much and a touch of a nice past, history is protected. The town’s most prominent sight is the citadel, now demilitarised and open to the public. Namur also has a distinctive 18th century cathedral dedicated to Saint Aubain and a belfry classified by UNESCO as part of the Belfries of Belgium and France which are listed as a World Heritage Site.

They speak French and not so much of English. But it was just fine for what we needed. People seem weird and cold, but it was a bad weather :))   All in one, it is a nice city to see if you are close by.

….and after a crazy day we start our trip to Amsterdam in a warm car, hand in hand 🙂

With love,



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