Guest post ON!

Hi there my digital friends 🙂

Ye ye I know I didn’t been so much on the blog lately, but I can explaint it. Well …if I think good, I will answer like: I didn’t had time…bla bla, and you will say: for the things you like you make time…bla bla. So we will move on with: sorry, I didn’t write on the blog lately 🙂

I was thinking the other days, about my blog. I was thinking like his my child and he is alone and I don’t do anything for him 😦 Bad mom, I am. So I will manage this somehow and I will be a better mom. I know it sounds weird, but for sure my blogger friends will understand me :)) What about your babies? They are good taken care of?

Pam pam…

guotes about feelings
I like this line

So, my friends…I would like to present to you my new blog post and the posts that will come, containing also your babies. Yep…I would like to host on my blog things you write! I read this times a lot of cool things, words and so on that I will like for sure to share with my readers.

We will do like this: I will keep reading and…I promiss: writing 🙂 But, I will be here also, waiting for your posts. We have no rules. Just send what you think is a good post of yours or link me to a post you like on your blog. I will be happy to read it, happy to share it.

Here is my Facebook where you can write me also. Till next time 🙂

Ohh…and stay around, I prepare some nice posts.

With love,



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