What men should not wear…never!

Woman, a species very hard to understand and love. But not impossible! 😛

So, if you want to get a good score in a woman eyes you can start with easy things, like clothes and common sense. I don’t know about the last one, because I have to make a huge article, but I can say something about the first one.

Is easy and it will save you from bad situations that you don’t want to have…never!

Here we go, males 🙂

1.First of all, to much even for a macho

The T’shirt with a V-neck top is sexy and proper if is in a normal V-nake shape. Don’t show us your hairs and boobs with a deep V-neck. We don’t want to see that, like you want to see it on us. Agree?

NORMAL                                                 NOT COOL

2.Flip-flops, you look like a homeless man.

Don’t wear them on streets boys. Don’t put that on you legs. Looks not cool, not nice, not anything. It looks just disgusting.  Wear them only on the beach and nowhere else. iT the same thing fo women*

Sandals have the same words…bleahhhh

3. Overly tight-jeans

What you are? A man whore? How you can choose something like this when you go buy clothes? In what universe they are cool or something? Please stop!

They give you a womanly look, a look that you don’t want to have in fron of a woman. Maybe in front of another man, things change. Not my thing…

This is what I can take for one day. Maybe I will come back on this subject because I have thing to add, but not now.

Please stop hurting my eyes and give yourself some credit. I know you can do it, is not such a big deal. But it is a big deal once you put it on you 🙂

Girls, what do you say?

With love,



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