Airports have feelings

Inspired story*

”  There are millions of airports in this world, full of people, full of dreams, full of tears and full of joy. There are airports in this world, full of new beginnings, hope and hard decisions. 

This airports means so much for some people. This airport means so much to me!

I was there, with my big smile looking after that face that I love, loking how steps are taking away from me…that face. Smiling and with little steps of my own I fought to go out from this airport. I was walking, calm and somehow peacefull. I was sure in this airport I will come again running and smiling, waiting for that face.

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Looking around, I’ve seen people not so happy as me. People with red eyes from so much tears, looking back to their kids. Old people waving as it was the last time. People going on roards they didn’t want to go. These people, they all hate airports. They all try to run from it and come back only for holidays. 

This airport took a lot from me. But it didn’t take my smile. This aiport made me feel more and want more. This airport was my help, when I want to see the world. It was my way of sharing and giving. It was the place time stopped and where it can run the most fast. It was my family coffee and my room for plans. It was my first date.

So for all of you, “Airports”…I know how much feelings you have. How much joy and how much sadness. I know It is a hard job for you, but smile 🙂 Smile…then you will see people waiting, more then the ones who go. You will see me also. In that corner, smiling!  “

With love,




6 thoughts on “Airports have feelings

  1. Thanks for this post! I have actually always wanted to devote some time to a project called people watching at airports. It’s amazing how one single place can be a repository for so much sadness and joy at the same time…


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