Instagram-to follow. See the world through the camera.

I am image fan.

Words are so important for me but images are that something I want to see when I am reading. You know that time you read a story or an article or anything, and your brain starts to make a version in images to what the words says?


We are creating and we like to build stories in any way we can. And we do it even we want or not. Like this, every image we see and we like sends a beautiful message to our brain. With the image we get information, we get questions and we see more then colors and shapes. 

I make pictures for myself, not in a professional way, yet …but I am obsessed with fresh images (all kind of them) in my news-field from Instagram. My Instagram here ♥

And on Instagram…I did meet two profiles you should follow up if you love good pictures.

NO1. Adrian Danhere and here

Ohhhh…he has such nice pictures. I found him on Insta not so much time ago, but it really got me. You can see feelings when he press that button on the camera. And the result is one of a kind.  He is from ROMANIA ❤

Photo by Adrian Dan
Photo by Adrian Dan

NO2. Jori Haarhere and here

He makes more daily photos, also he do professional pics. I know Jori as a blogger first, after I searched for his pics and get here-on the I like space 🙂 Now you can buy his work, on his site 🙂 He is from NETHERLANDS ❤

Photo by Jori Haar
Photo by Jori Haar

So now you can delight with stories made by images.  Have fun readers 🙂 Infinite

What kind of Instagram profiles you follow? How important is an image for you?

With love,



5 thoughts on “Instagram-to follow. See the world through the camera.

  1. thank you again! I love the photos in the snow! snow makes a beautiful scenery to photograph! To me an image says more than words. whenever I see great photos it makes want to go that place too or experience it. Of course this does not mean that I don’t like to read! I like adventure stories, stories written as first-person with a bit of humour (ok a lot of humour) 😀 Thank you kindly for mentioning me in your post! makes me blush 😉


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