We rock it, 2017?

Ohhh there is a trend here about what we will do in 2017. Usually I am not that kind of person that makes long term plans. And because of that I will make a short term plan for the beginning of 2017.

I’ve started a new Notebook for everything, there’s a new era. I will write plans, goals and thoughts. All the things from below and more…Ja Ja arbeit!!! :))


Personal To do/ Feed the soul, feed the brain:

⇒ read and write more (what I catch in my hands)

⇒ see at least 2 countries (ohhh or maybe more)

⇒ grow the relation with my family and friends (more seeing, less talking)

⇒ do Yoga and other types of pleasure sports (more, more, more)

⇒ Quit smoking!!!(do it girl!)

⇒ do that move/ change with my person (love, love, love)

⇒ start to learn a new language (big mouth can say a lot)


Professional To do/ Bad ass girl:

⇒ learn more/ grow smart ( information is the masterrrr)

⇒ self development/ extra work on my own (hmm you’ll feel even stronger)

⇒ learn a photo edit program (my obsession goes on with learning more)

Blog To do/ Digital diary:

⇒ write more and develop a self technique (improve it, rock it!)

⇒ buy a domain and make it rock (bitchhh)

⇒study traffic, demands and grow safe (pam pam more smart view)

In big pictures this are my plans in short terms for 2017. I want to do so much this year and I am sure this will be a good one. I have all the things to make it better then the year that’s Gone. Also I have learned a lot of things and now, that I am smarter I can hope for more. Also is my article so I can change it in a time to write different lazy things. yeyy or neyy?

I think the trick is to be persistent and not give up on what you set your mind to. Also do all things with passion and heart, live every moment and be involved.

What are your plans for this Year? Do we have something in commune?

Best song for 2017 vibes 🙂

With love,



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