About YOGA (for beginners).

I am more of a lazy girl when it comes about going to gym. I like sports but not indoor sports like a gym. I feel like a mouse in a cage and I don’t want to be a mouse, at least not in a cage.

So, because I’ve heard of all the benefits Yoga has, not only for body but also for mind, like we all know, I will try to practice myself some Yogaaaaa 🙂


Yeyyyyy…and yey again and even before I start, I guide you also to do so. And because before everything, we need info info 🙂 you can read here more about Yoga, from advised people.

Anddd…we can start with ⇓ ⇓ ⇓

about yoga

This is a photo that I found on Pinterest and I think is very useful. Also there are lots of videos on Youtube that contain instructions.

Let’s Yogaaaa my friends. I hope I will not die in the Boat position 🙂

With love,



23 thoughts on “About YOGA (for beginners).

  1. Yeeee.. yoga time it’s a good thought.. I used to be active in yoga during my school time.. then never did.. now started with something called “suryanamaskar” try it.. it’s a combination of 12 poses.. which covers almost all part of the body..

    Good luck

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    1. Hi there 🙂 well, you can start it easy. You can get some info on sites or on youtube canals…where you can see so much interesting things. Normaly I would say 3times in a week as a start is ebough. But you will want more for sure 🙂 thank you for visiting my site. And Btw soon I will post some yoga tips…easy ones 🙂

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