Q & A Challenge

Hi there my super bloggers 🙂

Today I was reading an article about how important it is to make a connection between you and your readers and how important is for them to know you.


True enough. So I’ve decided to get things done better. Better in all ways and also in this way. Because I know and I get some questions from you about me, I think this challenge is a good and productive way of discovering things about each other. 

So, as I first look at the About page when I visit a site and because is important for me to know the person behind the words, I also think is fair that you can ask me things you want to know. Here you can see my about page.

I will wait for your questions in order to make a post with the answers. I will tag everyone’s question with a link and I will be punctual 🙂

Second of all, I want to involve some bloggers I read and I find inspiring in different ways to answer me some questions.

Doodlessword –  Why you don’t have an About page? 🙂

Ray Laskowitz – What is the meaning of photography for you? How you see emotion on people?

Oleg Kean – Where is your favorite place in the world? Where you closed your eyes and listened for the wind first time?

Lenny – when it was the moment you knew your life will be different in such a big way?

Jori Haar – Describe the word  photo. What is the most important thing a song’s “saying ” to you?

Cristina Paraschivu -Should make-up make us feel better or ? What you think about when you are waking up in the morning?

Shreyan – Do people get drunk in India? :)) Why you don’t blog so much anymore?

Fernanda – What you do when you are home alone? And where are you…you used to write  more then I can read 🙂

Hmmm..I have so much more questions…but for now I think is enough I don’t want to make you crazy 🙂

Go on their sites and read cool things. Is a good way to spent your time.

I wait your questions people, don’t be shy and don’t forget to smile and enjoy life, is a one time thing 🙂

With love, 



15 thoughts on “Q & A Challenge

  1. I looove love your idea! And I m so glad you named me in your article.
    I believe that make-up does make us feel better with our appearance, but if we wake up in the morning with absolutely no make up on and we are HAPPY, there is no way we can not feel better with what we are. At least this is how I feel. If I am not in a good mood or I have a bad day, there is no make up in the world that can make me feel much better.
    Kisses, it s a pleasure to read your articles.


  2. I feel honoured hehe, thank you kindly for mentioning me 😉

    1. So first of all a “Photo” to me is a feeling, an expression of what you see, a third eye maybe, sometimes when you look at photos you begin to see things that you wouldn’t have noticed with your own eyes. When I shoot I feel at ease I feel relaxed and I do it with joy. I often look at a photo and start imagining things around it. A photo can bring up a lot of questions and it can sometimes correspondent to your own personal life.

    The word “Photography” means “Drawing/Writing with light”. The word is merged from “Photos” and “Graphé” (Light and Lines/Drawing). Photography has everything to do with light. If there is no light then you can not make a photo. The setup in a studio with all the studio lights needs more attention than the settings on your camera. Light is important. In life it’s important too 😉

    2. About music, well I actually listen to the lyrics and that’s how I can relate or think of that situation. I sometimes silently let a tear drop when I listen to music, yes I sometimes am an emotional wreck hihi. Or when I go to bed and listen to music, I concentrate, think and dream the situation of the song and then too I cry xD I love music myself, I play guitar and try to sing too xD Music is also the only remedy that can cure the world, I’m positive of that! music brings people together no matter who they are, people connect with music, people understand music, it’s a universal language that is spoken by all of mankind.

    Hope you find this a useful answer 😉 and thanks again for mentioning me in your post! Cheers ;D


    1. Well what can I say? You write me such an nice answer. I am thanking you for this fair and emotional reply. As for if I find this useful, yes …a lot, because it is important when we read each other^s words to realy understand them.
      Kisses and happy blogging 😊

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      1. The internet can be wonderful sometimes 😉 we often share things that we don’t even share with our friends or family, it’s easier to write about it plus it reaches a lot of other people who maybe are in the same situation, this way we can help each other and give each other positive and uplifting thoughts! x Happy bloggin’ 😉

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  3. Totally agree with you – the About page of any blogger is where I would go to first, too. You are quite brave to throw the Q&A out there and include your own Q’s! I often have so many about a blogger that I hold back, hoping one day one of their posts will reveal the answer… 😂
    Happy new year Ioana!


    1. ohhh Jolene 🙂 thank you for your words…Happy new year to you! If I can’t read something about the people behind the words I can’t make a connection. Maybe is not profi from me but I feel like this. Kissesssss

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      1. That’s exactly right! Words don’t exist in vacuum; it’s the people behind those words that make them come alive. Blogging is a very personal form of writing after all, and we are all here to make a connection in one way or the other 😊


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