Best of 2016!?

Uhhhh…2016, such a good Year for me 🙂

I was little bit confuse in the first months, all things having the same routine, mostly no changes or big things on plan. Easy but for sure I started to want more and more. In 2016 some special things happened to me. Some good ones and also some unexpected crazy of 2016

° In this year I meet someone that I love so much today! It was not love at first sight, it take me something like 5 minutes. And now my life is  better because I started to want more, make more, fight more. ❤

° I started to write, here the most and I like it so much. I find everyday people thinking as me, people that like to write and read, people that like to share and grow. I discover myself more everyday. The blog is bigger now, thanks to you, no matter where you are, reading 😉

° I moved from my old apartment. I have now big windows, nice view, cool coffee shops around. I see the sun waking up above my city from my room. I am also a part time mother of a cute dog ❤

° I have the same family relations with smiles and good vibes. My friends are less now and I am so glad to spent time in a better way now. I am smart, what can I say ? :))

° I made a professional progress also. It is getting better and better here also. 🙂

I am grateful for the year that passed, I was making changes, I did what I had in plan and more. I learned so much things and smiled million times. I visit countries (see here a part of them), I enjoyed the people I love and spent my free time doing wise things or retarded ones.

My 2016 quote

I hope 2017 will be at least as good as 2016 and I hope I will get to be better and better as a human, as a girlfriend, daughter, sister, friend, colleague….a better Ioana:)

How you see your 2016? Do you think a plan for 2017 is a good idea? 🙂 I will post my plan for this new year so stay close. Also, I will write the best lessons from the year that flew away.

With love,


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