How you see life?

life gif

“Life –  the quality that distinguishes a vital and functional being from a dead body.”

Wtf? That is life? That difference is life? Maybe I am more sensitive and I want to hear a long and interesting story to describe life, not some shit words without soul. Maybe I exaggerate when I ask more, but what if I don’t exaggerate?

I have the right to ask more from people and mostly from me. Wtf explanation is this: “the quality of my ass”.? Really? I think this answer is more for a doctor, scientist or no feeling human. Not for me, a girl still discovering and enjoying every little thing.

Is it easy and you smile so much? It is hard and seems to be a marathon with no ending or purpose? It is about feelings? It is about love or money, soul or trips? It is short or long? It is something you can control and manage? It is just one time thing? It is difficult or easy? It is different or the same, for me and you? It is till death or beyond?

Well can I write here a million questions about one word? Because I have a million questions about a word.

One thing I know for sure about life. That is that I see life only with emotions. Life is with emotions. Bad ones, negative, pink shades of smiles, positive thinking etc. All the Emotions that we can live, we are putting in our life. And that is so good.

You see, emotions are not good or bad. Emotions are positive or negative. And the best part is that some negative emotions are essential.  Our body and mind live with both of them. It lives perfect just if we give both of this emotions. Such a perfect balance.

So I will say life is also about balance. Balance for mind, body and spirit, all bound up with that emotions.

Life is such a nice gift…and a free one 🙂

With love,



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