Ways for a “better you”.

No matter how old, smart, crazy, free or skinny we are, we can be more. No matter how much you read, party or eat, it can be more. It can be more of everything and also less.

No matter your gender, way of living and country, religion and beliefs you can be better. There is a better version for every single one of us. A better version for me and for you.

I have some ways that I think we can improve continuously, young or old, with a small way of thinking or being the smartest person your friends know. You and you and me … we all can be better.



We born like a blank page. We start to grow and discover. We discover the taste, steps, feelings and all from 0. We do it and do it so much as little humans. After we grow and we think  we don’t need so much information anymore. We think we are smart, but in fact we are stupid and our ego is bigger then our brain. We never should stop learning things, we should be like a curious baby all our life. We should learn to ski when we have 50 years old, dance when we are 12, be in love after a divorce, smile after a big lost and drink beer with the boys, like boys. Learn for you and for others, read, tell, analyze and give.

        Forgive and respect.

First forgive yourself. Forgive yourself for not having power, for giving pain instead of happiness, for leaving when your place was clear as water. Forgive yourself and be better for future, you must be! Forgive others also. Forgive people for the same reasons you forgive yourself and more. Try, even though is hard, maybe is possible.

Respect comes with time. All your life you will be with yourself, learn to respect that and others. Give and earn.

better you

         Love. ❤

Love with all your heart. Love fair and hard. Love with your soul, appreciate, show and be proud you have these feelings. Love everyday, all your life. Guide your life with your heart. Guide it to be happy, use your brain how much you can…but listen to that heart. She knows so much things.

        Never give up.

Don’t give up when you know you should not do it. We all have moments when we think all is going down and that there is no point for fighting. Sometimes it is like this, but sometimes no, don’t give up. Don’t misunderstand me and think that stubborn is a plus in all situations, because is not like this. Knowing when to make a step away is a quality 🙂

Use time.

Use time to smile and dream. Use time you have, for working on your plans, listening to you inner voice and for making a spring cleaning on your thoughts. Use the time as a balance for everything, for healing and growing. Use it smart.


Life is more than we know, is more than we see, but not more than we feel.

Life is here and now, life is me and you. Be alive!

With love,



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