5 Tricks for bloggers

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My dear friends, readers and writers as I am (little). As we are a very strange community, dreaming and writing, crying and writing, writing for every feeling that we have, today I will share with you some tricks I’ve learned this year, as I start writing here.tricks about blogging
1.TIME. The first trick for good content. Just because you like to write that does not mean you should write everything. What I mean: I read some articles of good bloggers going crazy. Posts with no sense and without any meaning. There are times when all you want to do is run away from your PC and that is ok. Really, give yourself time and write because you feel like doing it and you want it, not because you have to do it. In my opinion blogging is not about that.
b9baf6e204ce6edfe85804283d7e89df2. USE YOUR EYES.  Pick up a nice font, write in the same lines, upload pics on theme. Take care about how it all looks. Look good at your blog, don’t fill it with lot of things that will scare someone who makes a visit. For me the design is soooo important, blame me or not I run when I see something I don’t want to. Even that writing is the main reason, I keep up my opinion on a good design.fotorcreated

3. TECHNO. Use tools to make your posts valued. You should tag your posts, but not with every word you find, but with words representing a connection with your post. It’s a SEO thing that works very good. Try to make a connection between the words you use in the post and the words you use as tags.  Link up your blog where is the case. And also when you upload pics, fill the Alt text with the key words that will help Google index your image.

blog tricks

4. SOCIAL. Is not necessary but it is good. What is my advice? It is all depending on the people that are reading you and the people you want to write for. Like this maybe your platform is Facebook where you can have a friend connection, Instagram where is more about brand awareness,   Twitter for international share and vibes etc. I also like to keep it professional, between writers and people that know how to read so I think Bloglovin’ is a way of being in that world. Plussss I recently find out Disqus where I can get opinions from  professional writers. It is a way of finding communities you fill in and the magic starts. For example on Disqus with one question I put, I get more the 30 opinions in 5h from people living in 15 different countries.  Cool ahh?

Example of communities on Disqus

5. RESPECT. Give respect to your readers. Answer to their comments and keep it natural. No matter how popular you get keep it fair. You have time to write a reply to any king of feedback. After all people give you time, so give it back to them.

Example on my last post. Reading ❤

If you find my post interesting don’t be shy and share it with me. Thank you for reading and I hope I helped you in some issues. And if you have questions don’t keep them for yourself. 🙂

With love,