Find a way

be strong

As big and weird living creatures, we are tormenting not because we like it, but also because of different situations.

But why? I really don’t know.

Maybe because we like doing things bigger then our powers and after if we don’t succeed we start blaming. We keep searching for applause, we are desperate for recognition and we feed our souls from other people words. Why? I don’t know.

We do find excuses for everything that is not making us proud. We blame us and others, we keep going bad and thinking low. Why? I don’t know.

But I know that in every situation is good to search for a way. A way better then the one you are on, a way capable of taking you somewhere, a way that is not a easy one but a healthy one. And there is no excuse for you if you have only bad decisions all around you, only bad people and bad words in your mouth.

There is no excuse for living a bad and unhappy life. But there is a way…a way for making things better. All you need is courage! And you have it! Just search better inside you.Treasure

With love,



8 thoughts on “Find a way

  1. That is sweet and your heart is in the right place. It has been my experience that not everyone has the courage that you say they do.

    People get in a dark place for many reasons. There is death of loved ones, loss of relationships, changing jobs and moving are the top few. Then there is health, terminal and chronic that drags down the spirit. There are excuses for people having bad and unhappy lives.

    Oh, we admire the person with that indomitable spirit that faces those things with an uplifted chin and then dies. Not everyone can be like that.

    In the spirit of your post though, I would say the downside to the human condition can be mitigated by preparation. That preparation begins in childhood with an awareness of potential. Having good parents is a good start, if not available then good examples of friends parents, and educators and clergy. Our part in is to be a good example to our own and for the sake of others. Establishing a relationship with our maker and study of Scripture to learn what it is to turn the other cheek and extend charity. To learn of our purpose and the hope built on a faith of what follows will reunite us with those we care about after death.

    With preparation, when we stray – we don’t stray far for long. Some say we have to be right with ourselves before we can help others. I refute that, as ideal as that might be. When someone with problems extends a hand to others that are equally or less fortunate find some relief for themselves, even if only in attitude.

    To be emphatic, to recognize the pain in others and extend a loving and caring hand to alleviate pain and suffering to our ability should be our goal. Then the toughest of all, love and forgive those who wrong us. I’m not really all the way there with that one myself.


    1. Yes yes yes. You write such wise words. It is not easy to find that way of making your life good, or is not easy to do the right things. But we sure can try and we sure can succeed. It is just a matter of patience and time. Also we can admit when we are wrong and be happy when we are right. All good and powerful things are in us!
      Thank you so much for this smart words and for the time you gived to my words.


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