December ass and good vibes.

December ❤

The month of joy and sharing. It’s that time in the year when people are more happy and kind. It is cold and white everywhere and we all feel that spirit, Christmas spirit. And when I see a naked ass like this…oh so cute 🙂

Christmas vibes
The December ass


Maybe for some of you this time of the year is not so important, but for me, ohhh for me is one of my favorite times. Yes, I love cold walks, snow and the lights all over the city. But the most I love sharing. To share the Christmas lunch with family or friends, to go visit and sing while we drink wine, to see the Christmas tree every morning, to drink my coffee till noon, make gifts and sooo much nice things. And this year I have such a nice gift for Christmas ❤

Ohhh Christmas,  family and so much good feelings.

And even you don’t have your family or friends close, don’t be sad, who is in your heart matters so much. Try to be positive and see the full part of the glass, in every situation there is one, you just have to see it.Missing

And when you can be more positive then now? Look out, drink a tea and smile to the people you meet. And if you can, go home for Christmas, or bring the home to you 🙂

What you prefer: making or getting gifts? 

With love,



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