We are memories.

Me, this me what writes, is build from memories. I was thinking about this, if is good what I say here. It is. All our choices, our experiences and so on…are building something in us, building the ME we know now. All of these are later, even with a second, memories.

So yes, you also, you are build from memories.memories

Close your eyes and remember when you started to wear heels, you see it? Now again, close it and see that moment when you had wild butterflies all over your body. In love, that feeling. And again, that someone who hurt you till the bottom of your heart, you feel that? Remember that friend who is not here anymore, yes that one…do you remember that day when he left?

be happy

You feel now, what you felt there. That time, that emotion is now memories, is past and present and it will be future. ❤

We are memories. Now we are the memories from the past, our past. Tomorrow we will be memories of today. But we will. Is on us if tomorrow we will have bad memories or good ones, if we will smile or cry. We today will be the memory of tomorrow.

Do you feel your memories sometimes as they happen now? Tell me, I am curious 🙂

With love,



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