Enjoy life. It’s magic!

Yes yes, with bad days or good days life rock’s.  We all have problems, sad moments or disappointments. So?

What do you think? Popular people on Instagram, they live on a fluffy cloud? Or the cute girl next dor, she is better than you? What the fuck?!…NO! ⊗

bla bla bla

We all have bad moments or days or weeks, no matter where we live or what we drive. We all cry and we all need people around. But what is important is how you pass these moments? Vigor

Well… no matter how, just do it. Stop waiting for help and stop being a victim. Trust yourself more, be yourself more and be proud on what you are. Make fun and cry when you need, that is human also. But be strong! You have to 🙂

Lately some things around me, made me apreciate even more  what I have. Made me dance more, be more understanding, smile more and enjoy little things better than I did before. I am lucky to know how to live, I am lucky to be alive. You are also!♥

Remember that, you are the lucky one! And stop crying around like a spoiled kid!

P.S. Today is my country’s day! Happyyyy birthday Romania!

        RO.La multi ani romani! La multi ani Romania! ❤

P.S.S. What is your reason to smile today?

With love,



15 thoughts on “Enjoy life. It’s magic!

  1. Hey, beautiful!
    “Trust yourself more, be yourself more and be proud on what you are.” – that’s the best advice for me and I’m actually working on it lately. I already feel a little bit different, a “good” version of different, so I think I’m on the right path :D. Hope to make some big changes also.
    Lots of hugs!

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