Who are you?

Who are you? You, the one who is reading this words? Are you that type with big dark eyes? or just a lovely blue shade? Do you have scars on your hands, from childhood? Can you sleep alone in a big bed and wake up good? Where are your parents?

Do you feel alive and full of passion? Where is your half, when you need it? Can you imagine the perfect relationship, or a crazy one? What you drink when you go out or when you cry, why you cry? You look at the sky and smile? …e89ae68ea4ed14eaac912f4dbd050542

Ohhh there are so many questions I would like to ask you. I like questions. For me a human,  is a story! A beautiful story. But the difference between kid stories and human ones, is the writer! ❤

Is easy, you know it…to write a story, to build it, is easy. But to be in one is not so easy at it seems. Making your life story is a really kick ass thing! Is the most difficult type of writing you ever did. And you keep writing every day, like a good blogger 🙂iammyself

So, because I want to know more about you, as you are, you look…I will do a challenge.        I will use a tag here iammyself1 and on Instagram #iammyself1 .

Use the tag in one article that you find appropriate (sharing things about you) or use it on Instagram, on a picture of you and describe it in three words (about you). You can use it on other social platforms also.

My example, made this day ❤

What is my point?

Fear. I am sick and tired of people pretending. People scared to show things, because they are shut down by others. You are yourself and you are so much more! Don’t be scared to be frank. Say, say things and let people know who you are.  You deserve it. Live, live as you are, be happy with what you are and show it. Live with emotions! Sincere

With love,


4 thoughts on “Who are you?

  1. Who am I… mmm… a human being that likes animals too much. blue shady eyes. I got a scar on my knee from left to right and have no idea how it got there lol. I can sleep everywhere and wake up just fine, I even fall asleep at the office haha. My parents they are downstairs xD

    I feel alive, and just recently found my passion in photography. My other half must be somewhere on this planet I guess hihi but I’m perfectly good on my own and I don’t mind it 🙂 I drink a lot of tea and I mean a loooooot of tea hehe. I would say I’m a pretty emotional person, I could walk on the streets and suddenly think of something and then my eyes begin to water, in the middle of the frikkin’ street xD I always smile (but my smile at work is fake loool)

    well think I answered a few of the questions xD haha cheers.


    1. Wow really wow 😊 that is so niceeeee. I am so happy to know more about you. Also i am happy because you are emotional, for me that’s soooo important. Humanity is another thing I can read on your posts. Btw you make so nice pics, you should make money from that.
      Thank you for sharing and let me see little bit of you.
      On Instagram some bloggers start to share photos, you can do it also, i think you will have the best one 😅

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