A night in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam, a city with history, culture, freedom and good rules. Χ Χ Χ

google source, paint by Leonid Afremov

I always wanted to visit Amsterdam, all of my friends have this wish. Is a different “world” for us. So much freedom and so open mind civilization.  Well when I visited Amsterdam I’ve seen that and more.

Amsterdam is not only weed and Red Light District. Is walking in clean streets where even if you are surrounded by drunk people, high people, with no limits or fears, you feel safe. Night or day, in that city you are alive.

I was inspired by their life. The way people live there is really nice. You can party how you want, you have this freedom of doing things, the state has a way of making things very good. Everyone can afford a normal life with living good and making nice things also. Good system I think, a system built in years and years but with good results.  But ok, that’s more about Netherlands 🙂

Back to Amsterdam….well I will say: Bikes, nice architecture, happy smoking, paid women for doing things. Modern, transparent acting, open way of thinking.

Must do in Amsterdam: 

  • See the canals, maybe doing a boat tour. Amsterdam canals are an attraction point for every tourist. (after 10-11 pm you will not be able to do a boat tour anymore).
  • Architecture,take a good look at the buildings: they have nice structures, somehow they maintain a line, but you will also find  new buildings done in a modernist style. Plus they restore the damaged buildings in the same way they were.
  •  Red light District. Is big and full of tourists. Here the covered things that every country has (prostitution) is done in a transparent way. I liked that very much. Is weird in a way and cool in the other way. ⊗
  • Live sex cabin or theater. It was something so different, really. We were supposed to watch a live striptease show, but guess what? we ended up in other place :)) Strange, weird, crazy but really I am glad I did it. Watching people doing sex in front of you, it is something :))
  • Museums, there are a lot. I am sorry that we didn’t had time for that, that’s why I will go back (one of the reasons).
  • Weed. Weed weed weed…cool all over it. (second reason for going back to cool Amsterdam). I didn’t had time for that also, I know..i know kill me 😦 time problems.

I’ll be back to Amsterdam and Netherlands, that’s for sure. My main reason is another one but I enjoyed so much this country, so I’ll be back for sure, no discussion.

How my boyfriend says: “This is Amsterdammmm bitchhhh!!!” ♥

P.S. People are so open minded, friendly and 99% of them speak English, at least in Amsterdam. Really you feel so welcome there, tourists are like citizens there.

P.S.S. Photos are made in night. Next time we will rock the camera.

With love,



7 thoughts on “A night in Amsterdam.

  1. Hahhah I live there and I can tell you the system is not so good. As a tourist everything looks so damn good and easy and blabla but the sistem is bullshit (for their own good, not for yours), trust me. And the only reason why you feel so welcomed there is because of the tourists. The dutch people are a little bit racist, not all, not very much BUT when you get to live there, to interact, when you arrive in some situations you will see and their other face. Anyway, overall, is a great city, specially to visit. In comparing with other country’s you really feel free, I enjoyed too. Hugs! Ah also if you go back, visit the Heineken fabric and the Ice bar :d


    1. Yeyy. Sure will do Mara.
      My boyfriend is living there and he sais the same, sistem is resistent and some ways as social is good, but in different ways so fucked up. Maybe it is like this…but for me and what I see, and comparing with other countries there is gold mine. As much as about dutch people they are little could in general I guess. Thanks for commenting and opinion.
      Kisses :*


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