Learn to be good. Blogging for beginners.

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Well well…Let’s start. PART 1

When I started to write, first time for not only me but also for people, I had a hard time with understanding how a site really works. It was not easy and I still learn everyday tips and things very useful.

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But there are people that don’t know exactly from where to start. And because I was there in your position, is easy and I want to give some tips for doing it right.


You want to write and for sure you want that people will read your words. For this you need to make your blog easy. The strategy you put on your blog helps people to find things easy, so they will stay long on your blog. I visit sites where I can’t find anything, so how much I try is impossible to find the patience for searching. Make categories, and put a menu where people can find everything. And don’t forget the Seach button.


For me this is crucial. If is not well done, nice and simple, I will not come back. Some bloggers put also accent on design and make the page looking nice and clean. You have to respect a way, some colors, fonts, etc. Make it as your signature, is so personal and unique. There are also bloggers that don’t care so much about the “face” of it, but they don’t ruin it. They do it simple and that’s it…but they write good. My advice is: keep it simple, nice and good; don’t use a lot of colors, frames, lines, flowers, balloons etc. NOP not nice. 🙂

Here you make also a mark, logo, motto and other things that are necessarily for a personal blog page. Branding is important and not so hard to do. You just have to get informed. Here you can read about my ReBranding time.

3. Content

Is all about words. No matter what, the most important thing is what you write and how you write. Do it exactly for the people you want to read your words, is like a targeting and it’s working. Your readers will be exactly your type if you know about what your blog is. If  you write about food, then food it is, don’t mix it with fashion and other things. Is not what you want, not what they want…mistake mistake mistake. Deal with close subjects and subjects that come to your interest zone, is about you…but also you have to respect your readers. Write from hear with heart!


This is important. On WordPress you get a lot of help about technical issues and is a good way of learning lots of things. Here  is the forum vibe on 😛  Also self learning is good, actually the best, easy but sure you can learn a lot of important things, searching and asking. No one knew exactly what is doing when started a site, so welcome to the club 🙂 how to start a blog

Learn how to do it good step by step. I will continue in my next post about fair and good blogging…. 🙂 SOON PART2

P.S. For questions and advices, please put them in a comment, I’ll answer 😛

With love,



13 thoughts on “Learn to be good. Blogging for beginners.

  1. Eu mi-am dorit foarte tare să am blogul meu și deși îmi era teamă că toată lumea o să îl considere o prostie și o pierdere de timp, l-am creat și îl am de aprox 7 luni. Tot ceea ce am scris până acum a fost din suflet și pentru că am dorit să împărtășesc asta cu alții, și aș lăsa liber imaginația cu și mai multe idei, dacă m-ar ajuta echipamentul și timpul. Însă, de multe ori, mai ales când scriu ceva ceea ce eu consider că e super și ii acord și mult timp… iar feedback-ul nu e exact la ce ma aștept.. mă cam dezamăgește. Mai ales dacă îmi compar blog-ul cu al altor persoane care în același timp sunt mult mai vizualizate și apreciate….


    1. Cristina, nimic nu conteaza mai mult decat ce simti. Fa totul cu inima, iar oamenii care apreciaza o sa aprecieze. Cum spuneam tu iti faci target. Eu am citit ce scrii si o sa citesc…si o fac cu drag. Intradevar conteaza sa stii si niste mici lucruri tehnice si de gust sa ai mai mult succes. Eu scriu 70% sau mai mult, pentru mine…apreciez enorm cand vad ca oamenii urmaresc cuvintele mele, te inteleg. Ai incredere in tine, cuvinte merg la inima…asta e secretul 🙂

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  2. it’s indeed wise to keep things simple 🙂 When I made my blog I didn’t know how it worked, I’ve never done anything in my life that’s web based so it was all confusing to me, I slowly start to understand it a bit xD I’m not really a good writer in a way that it speaks to a specific group, I just write in my own language and style lol.


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