What’s the color of your soul?

The other days I was watching a TV show, where some people make other people happy (long story, short). Well…in this show some people are making houses for people that can’t afford one. So when the person helped was asked “which color do you like for your house?”…the answer was…”the color of your souls!”. ❤

For me this was a click. And it was a very nice line to hear.

Physically the soul id not existing. Scientifically they still fight about this subject. But how about emotional? Emotional…my soul has color? or it does have shape?

Perfect colors ❤

There are things above us. Things that we can’t understand easy…and some things that we don’t want to understand. But though we feel it. We feel things not only with our body. The bigger pain we have, are deep inside us, emotional and heart breaking we say.

I see my soul as an unshaped something, in more then one color and changing constantly. My soul it not goes with the wind, but it goes with the Million feelings. Some days is dark colored and changing form fast, and other days it has a soft pink color and it vibrates like a happy cat. Here is an old post about the soul.

But it is always somewhere deep inside, pearly white like the color of the sand in a perfect blue sea. That’s the center of it and will always remain the same. No matter what, that part of it, will be pure.

And I think we all have a pure part hidden somewhere in. Maybe today we don’t feel it or we don’t get to know it for years, but we have it. ♥

P.S. The color of the house was white 🙂

What color your soul has? How it is and how it feels?

With love,



14 thoughts on “What’s the color of your soul?

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