Let’s Facebook!

Well well well…Facebook Facebook Facebook. 

This Social platform is making me connect. As a human I share some things with my friends on-line (sure as everyone), so I was thinking and I’ve decided to share my blog related posts and some thoughts on a Blog made page 🙂


Maybe is good or maybe is weird, but I find it very handy as anyone is using Facebook. Not only that I will share my articles, but I will also share some  quotes, nice images, other bloggers content etc. Soooo if you want to be a part of my experience, to share things and emotions with me, you are welcome on my page Iamioana ❤

And as well I want to know if you have Facebook pages for your sites? Are they helpful for you? Do you find a Facebook page a good solution to communicate better with your readers?

I wait for your opinions, advises and questions here or on my official Facebook page 🙂 (now I can say this also 😀 )

With love,



6 thoughts on “Let’s Facebook!

  1. Well hello Ioana! Today, in honor of my 29th birthday, I’m picking 29 random blog friends to send some extra special thoughts of love. Come visit my blog and say happy birthday if you wish, and keep spreading the love!


  2. FB and IG are the only 2 things I use, although FB not so much as I used to before, I guess all these social media things take too much time :/ right now I have a break of 15 minutes and I use it for social media but sometimes I need to get away from my screen xD


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