Promise I will…

Promises, we all do them. But how many of us keep them?

Maybe in your life you faced with bad people, good people, all kind of people, or just with yourself. Maybe I don’t know a thing about you, and probably I don’t. But I know for sure you did promise things and also you’ve been listening to promises.


I will not ask you how many of them you’ve respected, or how many of them were  fulfilled. But I will ask you something: was it worth it ?

That time when you was opening your mouth to say it, did you ever think maybe I will brake it? More sure yes. And if you were not sure you can keep it…why you say it? Or maybe you were so sure in that second, that all world can build it self from sketch.

Yes, sometimes we are wrong. Sometimes we can’t keep that promise. Maybe we are disgusting and we don’t worth respect. Maybe we can’t be trusted and for sure we hurt people, important people. But how we can make it safe? We can’t!

Yes, not everytime I will keep my promises. Not everytime. I know that maybe one day I will fail in front of that man I love so much, next to that woman always fair, or I will fail to myself. It can be! I can fail. But I will never stop promising! I will do it and I will figh to keep it. I will make commitments and I will use all I have to fulfill them. I will try my best to make anyhing possible for that promise. I will promise. Maybe I will hurt or be hurt, can be. But I will promise…

You are human, promise when you count on yourself, listen to all your voices…and say it if you can do it. Fight for it, make it possible. But if you fail…trust yourself and promise again.

No matter how much I will fail, I will rise…again and again. I will fight for that promise I’ve maked!

With love,




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