Ticket to Turkey- Part #2

In the first article about our trip to Turkey I was more talking about places to see or visit, in this one I will talk about feelings.

When it comes about feeling we are all sensitive. No matter how strong, stubborn or confident we are, feelings are guiding us in most situations.

In this trip I was going also for my heart, with my heart, not only to visit, but to see. Things got even better there, where the daily stress was off and the distance was smaller. Only 10cm away from each other, the maximum distance allowed between two people that feel things for each other.

Walking hand in hand in Kaleici was perfect. Finding good restaurants (that we found) and eat between smiles and nice words, sharing dreams and plans on cliffs with the blue view in front of us, drinking coffee in morning on that beautiful balcony with no problems and no phones. Having fun and making fun was our daily routine also 🙂

All the beautiful things are possible there. Even the air is nice. Maybe I’ve seen it like that, maybe is only me…but in Turkey I was in love. I was Graceful. ❤

We all have eyes, but not every one of us can see…

With love,



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