I am Unfinished!


Every one of us has a story to tell. It may be a happy one or a sad one. No matter how…but it is.

Some of your friends have nice stories of life, with smiling mom and careful father. Some of them did enough things for a life time, they get to expensive holidays, pocket money without asking for it, a big bad and a hot girlfriend. Some of them had the bad luck to work for every piece of bread as a young kid. Some go to university, some not. Maybe some of them lost their parents to early, or some don’t respect them even they have it. Some of them grow up in a small village surrounded of simple people, and others grow up in a crowded city with rich parents full of “to do” things.  

You can look all around you…and all you will see will be unfinished people . I am unfinished! And that is amazing!

We are not the result of our past. We are not the result of our parents and family. You don’t have to do anything they did. You don’t have to follow an example. You just be an example! Be your best version!


Yes our past is important, the way we’ve been raised is touching our living way, now also. Our parents behavior …influenced us, where we lived …influenced us, how we learned to do things by seeing how others did them… influenced us. All of it touched us in a way…

Our past is the way to our present, but not necessarily for our future.  ❤

So yes, we may be unfinished…but thanks God we are! Back in time as a kid, in that mirror was a beginning of YOU, now you see an almost  complete body&soul… but an unfinished job. Smile…someday, somewhere, somehow…the image reflected by that mirror will be YOU, YOU in the complete form! 🙂

For every change, plan, dream…know that you have TODAY …to do it.♣

With love,



18 thoughts on “I am Unfinished!

  1. Oh my God! I just finished Writing a poem titled ‘Unfinished’. I haven’t posted it yet. I was so confused when I saw the notification of your post in my email 😂

    What you’ve written is so similar to mine. I can relate to this on so many levels!


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  3. Great post. Sometimes, my unfinished story of life used to irritant me and make me sad. But now I understand it’s a blessing. Thank you for teaching us to thank God and be happy instead of whining and be blue.


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