Jump in Life!

Jump in Life! Do it!

What? You have bad days and a lot of problems? So what? There is something you can’t do?  I think no! Well…do it, breath good and go for it!

We are so stressed all the time, that the only thing we know to do is to be worry about million things and cry cry cry. We don’t have time, peace, long coffees and we cry cry cry. Every hour you have a plan and for everything, you think before. When some friend is calling you out, you say “Ohhh, let me see if I have time…”. But you have, you have lot of time! You have time for smiling, dancing, going away or just  for being lazy.  You have, just see it.

Jump in life! Enjoy bad and happy days! Feel them! Live every moment like you should, don’t be just present! You have the main position in your story.story

Look around…he is there smiling, she is there jumping around with her crazy happiness. Or maybe no one is around…cry and go ahead…find them! Find that peace and storm you want…but go, don’t  wait for it. 🙂

If you are not happy is not because your retarded boyfriend, not because mean people or bad friends (they will all die) :P. Is not because you want a better job, not because he left,  she is quite or they talk lots of bullshit…no…not because of any of that! You are unhappy because of you!

So now…move your ass and do something! Do for you and for the ones you love, help them also…but first, you should jump in Life! Love and Live…please do it…

With love,





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