Ticket to Turkey-Part #1

Ohhh ohhh…  my friends, I am sorry for missing some days, but I was busy in a piece  of Haven. The name of it is Turkey…more specific: Antalya ❤

♦ First day is always full. Check in, luggage, view, make sure that your money are spent wise and fair, shower and eat etc. After, the journey can start. Our home for 6 days was Rixos, a great place with good services and well organized staff. Our sea view room was all the time clean (we’ve been not so organized, but the cleaning service was good) and down at the restaurant the Cay ( Turkish tea ) was always hot. In the hotel they have a lot of things to do, like: gym, Spa, bar, a place with relaxing sports, pool, massage and private beach. If you go to Antalya, Rixos is the place to nest.  ¤ Is not all-inclusive, but trust me, is better.

Sunset vibes

♦ Beachhhh…sun, tan, coffee and smiles. The weather was sooo nice. Even when it was rainy, we wanted to go out for walks. The wind was friendly and the air fresh. P.S. Do some water sports…money spent well 🙂

Water fun

♦ We found the old city part with amazing streets (not easy to find it in a Saturday night ⊗), buildings and hundreds of shops ( Turkish label…everywhere shops). In the port you can find boat tours. The boats are old ships and some captains resemble with Jack Sparrow. Please go there, to Kaleici is a must for Antalya. For the best view and food there is a place called Castle Cafe&Bistro, with amazing food and warm waiters. Order whatever, everything is good with a glass of wine and sunset lights. And don’t forget about Turkish coffee!

Lamp shop


Kaleici street


♦ For a “wet air” visit Duden Waterfalls, is not so far and it is cool to see. You can eat grilled maize and ride a camel. In the way to the waterfalls you will see also the different way of living, out of city.


Under the waterfall-Duden

♦ Turkish people are not very friendly, but nice people. The part I like the most is the love for the country, you will see flags everywhere.  It is a country with lot of things to show, put it on your “must see” list. Food…ohhh food is … More about Turkey in part #2… soon! 


I wait your opinions if you’ve been there, or questions… and if I can answer, I will! 🙂 Recharge

With love,





6 thoughts on “Ticket to Turkey-Part #1

  1. I’m glad you like it. One of the most beautiful #BlueFlag beaches in Turkey. You must see in Antalya: Aspendos theatre, Kaputas beach, Adrasan,.. Oludeniz beach, one of the most photograhed beach summer in Turkey=)


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