Coffee ME!

coffee love

Well, dear coffee… 

Your taste is like clouds in a cup and the break you give me is timeless. I owe you so much. Drinking you I had good vibes and holding a mug of you I had nice mornings. ❤

My coffee love comes not only from the taste and from the energy it gives me, but also from all the moments I had while drinking coffee. I do drink a lot.

In morning, in meetings, when I go out with the girls, when I talk for hours with mom, when I am tired and helpless, when I stop from everything and have the coffee-cigarette break, when The man say nice words and drinks you also, even he don’t like you so much (he likes tea-nhhhh teaaa, bleahh).

We have a big past and a full of everything future. Yeeppp. We are friends now. I Cheat some time and earn some.∞

In my bad times, in my good times…I will use you. Maybe more than I should, but I will. I will drink you in nice places, around the world, with people I like and with the ones I love.


What about your coffee break? You have also a connection? When is your favorite time to drink a big mug of it?

With love,



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