Smart mirror…

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“She was walking mad around the house. They didn’t fight, but there was a tension between them, like a strong rejecting force. 

In her bad times she goes smoking and that keeps the madness down. So, after she run into the bedroom desk by mistake ( not feeling the pain), she makes big steps to the balcony to light up a cigarette, but in her way she saw her own image in the big mirror hanging on the wall. She stops!

Mad face, with big dark eyes almost wet. Pale skin (not her normal color) with strained lips. Her hair was in all directions and the shirt was revealing a soft shoulder. She never see the actually face of madness. Her madness! She was looking and looking to what she was seeing in that old mirror. 

For some minutes she was looking and looking. And in a second, a smile appeared on that face and her lips got soft pink again…

-Well, miss… a smile is better! 

She roll up her fingertips in the brown, wild hair.Smiled like a little girl and covered the soft shoulder with a quickly move.  

Seconds after…the house was screaming out music and dancing steps.”

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