Today’s challenge via Daily Prompt: Confused

Fuck it! I am confuse. I am more then confused. I will invent a word for this feeling but I don’t have inspiration now.


In life, in some days…you feel like a doll. Made by plastic and always with blond hair. You can’t bend your knees and change your clothes. Bitches make it all wrong and you are powerless. Yep…blond hair!

What we can do to make this feeling smaller? And what we can do to make the things more easy?  Well…by using The amazing organ…called  BRAIN. Use it for your own good. First, the things will be even harder (this organ has a strange way to make things smaller), and after a time…taaanaaaaa problem solved.

But in this “tanaaaaa” time…you will die and get back together, you will be angry and mad (like me) or cool and patient (not like me). No matter the way…we always manage to solve things out.  Important is…how?

I don’t have a secret way …if that is what you aspect. But I have a brain, that I try to use as much as I can. And more important…for me…when I am confused, I follow also the feeling. I listen so much to my heart. I know that she will make an emotional decision, maybe not the smartest but for sure the one full of good and bad feelings.

Following my heart, I am less confused…working in a team with my brain also…confusion starts to go away. Well look…I have a secret after all.

About the times when your heart says a thing and the brain other…we will have a conversation also.

Good luck my Spartans! We shall win this… √

With love,




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