Ticket in Romania…#1

If you read something about Romania, you sure know that this one…it is a green country. If you didn’t read, you should 🙂 maybe it will wake up in you a desire to go…

It is my country where I live and where I was born. I also see the bad parts…but here is not the place for that. Dracula’s country is full of beauty and history, it is a place where people have strong hearts and big souls…

Once you take the train to the mountains you will feel how the air changes and become more friendly, you will see small villages with nice houses and all around… green. People will be like small kids, looking curious, asking and smiling. Maybe old people don’t know English but they know how to smile 🙂

When you are at the green zone...in our example Sinaia, your body will know that also. There is no Surface, and nothing fake, people take everything how it is…and it seems like they walk careless. Sinaia it is a small mountain city with a lot of history. It is one day visit city  and you will leave more free.

Take a ride to the top of the world, to find peace in the wind, go to Peles Castle to make your eyes happy and your brain glad.

Eat Romanian food, it is tasty but not light (we are strong people). Drink beer and buy home made sweets. You will feel the tourism influence because everywhere you look you see hotels, but the locals make it so natural that it is a pleasure to walk and walk all over.

The trip can go on…taking the train to the next stop, where it is another mountain city, bigger, where the urban meets nature more.Paint

We find this little escape a good way to relax and talk…to walk on little streets and go with the wind of change. ⇒
Come to Romania and go to the green zones…you will breath and you will be alive!∞

With love,



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