From EVA to ADAM…

“After all these years I still see you everywhere. We meet again and again. Our story is like a carousel that spins in time. I can see you in him…and him…You started to change, you started to care more, but sometimes I can see in you, a monster.

What happened to us? In the first day I met you, you were so fair and I was a piece of you. Maybe I did a mistake, maybe I was not wise enough…but why you didn’t show me the good way? Why you let me be something I wasn’t? 

I was wrong, I did it wrong…you were there but you didn’t see me. It is all of it my fault? Am I the only one to blame? Million questions I have…one million of feelings and thoughts. But the carousel will never stop, not ours. ∞

I don’t want to share the fault…it is hard to write it down, with words and feelings…but you can read it…

And still, here we are again. Same history, same us but in a different way. This time we will do it better? We will work on it together… yes? I will not make that mistake again…and you will not let me do it…not without you!

Word is changing, we are also changed…but ADAM…I am made from you and I will be. Look close to my eyes…remember it…you will meet them again! Maybe they will be blue, green or deep dark, maybe I will be strong, weak or smart… Maybe I will not listen to you, how I did once, but ADAM…I will search for you!”

With love,



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