One dance…

Can we dance? But first, do you know how to dance? Or, you can move your body on music sounds? You think you can slowly move your legs even there is no sound of music? Do you think you can do that in two?

But, how about our dance? ♥


Do you think we can do that, together? In nice moves and close holding? We can move the same way in same direction? We can do it as we are one?

But what we do if we are already  dancing? We can do it good? We can do it without step in wrong? Can we dance and feel it at the same time? What if I don’t know exactly the direction? What if I step on your left feet? What if my dress is to red and tight? What if I get scared of all the people that are looking at us?  What if you get tired to show me the way, of leading?

How can I dance? How can I do it good?

In front of all that public, even that I don’t know exactly the steps…I will do it. When the music starts, I trust your steps. You will show me how to do it. Yes I know!
Unstoppable ∞

P.S. Don’t ever forget that you love to dance!


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