About Milan…

Ohhh…dear Milan ❤

I think the pizza is still controlling me, body&soul. But still I’ll write about this Italian city where fashion meets history.

I will start with the city streets. I’am a street addict. I love buildings: old, new, empty, stuffed with green things or glass made. But most of all I love old buildings, full of history and stories. I look and I think about people that lived there, time that passed over those bricks etc.

In Milan the streets are amazing, such nice buildings, well groomed and appreciated. The up floors are every time full with green plants, this people make woodlands up on the buildings and that is so wonderful.

Milan street
All over Fiat 500 and scooters. People go to work on scooter dressed up like for it. Girls wear high heels and skirts on that 🙂 How cool is that? They park the little Fiat 500 in the front of the coffee shop and they drink the espresso smiling in a Monday morning. Weird, weird people 🙂

In weekend you see them out for drinks and dinner. Brown skin, good wine and noisy voices. Body language is sooo Italian. They have hands and they use them a lot :)) Certo!

Coffee, coffee and again coffee! So good, so flavored, so tasty 🙂 Coffee everywhere! ❤

Pizza…uhhh that pizza is full of taste. I can’t tell so much about it just that I eat pizza for three days…just pizza 🙂

Italian pizza
People. They talk loud, smile and they are curious of every thing. They also have style and positive vibes. You can see they are not all the time thinking about job or work hours, they are very relaxed. 😀 Hi there, Italian readers!!! 😛

Milan Fashion. I was expecting fashion items everywhere but it was not like that. Yes people have style but I can say weird fashion is not their type. They wear brand bags and sun glasses, in a normal way…no exaggerating items.

This is not all about Milan, of course…but the rest of it is yours to discover.  ❤ Go for it!

P.S. Btw, I was for Beyonce concert there, cool cool and again cool. Love in formation 🙂

More pics on Instagram!

With love,




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