5 ways to pass the Blogging blank page :)

Do you know that weird feeling of blank page? I think we all do. That moment in a period of time when you are really empty of ideas. ♥

For those moments we try to find inspiration in every thing we see. We try to make connections between one small thing to another. Today I try to help you…the Blank page blogger 🙂

5 ways to creare blog posts

How we can find inspiration? ∞

A good way of doing that are: One word ideas 🙂 Sign in to a specialized community where other bloggers post one word inspiration for others. Is so helpful.

Another way is: reading other posts. Is not about stealing ideas, but is about getting inspired. When I read your articles I realize that about that subject I can talk also, because I have a lot to tell.

World: is a good way of seeing. When you see, you can talk. So maybe is a good idea to observe more, not pass though every day like a shadow.

Pictures and images. Search for images and the words will come at the right picture.

Emotional memories. From memories you can build stories. Maybe it sounds weird but it is a way to write more then you think. It is also an exercise for understanding an old acting, decision etc.

Maybe today you have a blank space, and your mind is a busy or tired. Blogging and writing is about feeling, is about wanting and I am sure you will get your inspiration when it is needed. Work up! We all do…is a choice not a thing you have to do ❤

P.S. A plus: Music is also a good friend in need 🙂

With love, 



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