Not this Emotions!

My blog as you know and see is about Emotions…Life with Emotions!
I like to search for photos where you can see emotions and you don’t have to use words to describe the feelings. I always say that every emotion is good…because you feel! But today I searched for emotions photography-love, and this was through the first pictures I saw:emotions

In a world full of feelings, positive ones…we find more sadness then we would like to. I looked at this picture and my heart is full of feelings and I am full of questions…

Is not the usual African poor boy, is not the usually white skin smiling. It is a boy…a pure soul, wearing so much…more then he should.

If you see skin color or dirty, if you see ripped clothes or poor soul, YOU don’t deserve to be on this site!

Look better! Do you see a weak man…boy?  Do you see a scared face or an angry face? I can see he is mad…and tired. I can see in that down eyes he hide something, that he is too strong to let it be seen. I can see anger and sadness. I feel anger also!

In this image…is more emotion than I can describe. In this image I can’t see love. But I can say I feel my veins getting bigger. Why? Why this pure souls are convicted to live other people choices? To have sadness tears?

I ask you…my reader…how do you feel when you see this picture? How do you think? this is the image for love (as an emotion)? How do you think this man... boy is, feels?

Many questions, but not enough answers! Many people, but not enough humans…why? Because we use souls…to buy emotions! And we throw away the rest to this pure souls…∞

With love, 




2 thoughts on “Not this Emotions!

  1. I see “loss” A look in his eyes that says “something I loved has been taken from me.” But looking beyond the picture…I can see hope…he is a boy that can have a future…even the disappointing things in life will make us stronger…survivors.


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